Casino and gambling have been the favorite subjects in Hollywood flicks. They make for a great visual experience indeed. We bet some of you have their hearts racing with the name of Las Vegas. Casino movies catch the attention of every movie fanatic. Be it the vibrant casinos of Las Vegas or lavish casino resorts. Casinos with the most magnificent architecture look like a dream in these movies. And who wouldn’t love escaping into some poker games with bling and hefty dollar dreams?! Whether you are a gambler or not, you will still be hooked onto the surprise plots these movies offer.

We bet your money is safe with us so get rolling and watch the top 18 casino based movies of all time –

Robert De Niro and Joe Pesci delivered incredible performances under the direction of Martin Scorsese. The movie is based on a real life event about the doom of crime in Las Vegas but the rise of corporations. Remember the Agent Corporation Scandal of the 1970s? Well, you can connect the dots now.

One of the beloved casino movies of Poker fans, it stands up as a decent watch. Matt Damon plays a poker professional with a natural talent for the game. Without revealing much about the plot, we suggest you should watch this if you are passionate about Poker.

Welcome to the dark side of gambling in London with this one. Clive Owen plays a casino dealer. The story tells you the other side of this glamorous business. Unarguably, one of the best casino movies this one is.

This one is the first movie of Daniel Craig as James Bond. Unlike other casino movies, stakes are high here. The casino world coupled with 007 agent makes for a deadly combination. There is more action to it than the money on the casino table.

An old classic this one is. Steve Mcqueen portrays the character of The Cincinnati Kid. The movie shows poker as a noble pursuit. It stands among one of the best casino movies for its remarkable timing and intensity. You can enjoy a good peek into an actual life of the poker players.

This movie is an interesting story about a ‘cooler’ who was supposed to bring bad luck to the hot gamblers. His luck is turned upside down and he becomes the lucky charm instead. Watch the movie and find out what happens next when casino’s cooler becomes a good luck charm.

This timeless classic is a must watch of all casino movies. Why? For the wonderful performances by Robert Shaw and Paul Newman. You will love the incredible music score. Nonetheless, it shows one of the best con jobs in the movie.

The movie is a remake of an old classic of 1960. The star-studded cast won’t disappoint you. George Clooney plays the character of Danny Ocean, a former prisoner. The plot is all about his revenge on a casino owner who got him locked up.

This is for those who love Las Vegas and follow the casino culture religiously. Watch this for some casino action, Vegas nights and money culture around the US. The psychedelic black comedy is a refreshing one, though.

The remake of 1974 classic throws light on our ordinary lives. A story about a professor who believes either we can have everything or nothing at all. This thing takes him to casinos and eventually to a gambling addiction. The movie is high on drama and pursuit.

The 2008 movie is about a bunch of MIT students and their scam with casinos. Together with their professor, they make a solid plan to win big in every casino. The movie takes a different turn when they were caught deceiving the casino with their card-counting system.

This one has a touch of humor, so you can enjoy light-hearted moments while watching it. Henry Fonda delivers exceptional performance. He plays a professional poker player who gets stuck with his whole life’s savings. He suffers a heart failure and his wife takes his seat to somehow carry his game.  You can expect a lot of wit and humor with its entertaining dialogues.

This is a story about a pro gambler who has spent most of his life in casinos. The story spins around him and a young boy whom he decides to give his legacy. See how he teaches him all the tricks of the trade he knows.

Las Vegas, casino culture, drama, and Hollywood romance, the movie has it all. It is about the life of a gangster and his dream of making a huge gambling spot in Las Vegas. Has magnetic performance by Warren Beatty as the underworld gangster.

The movie is a comic take on three friends’ journey to Las Vegas for a bachelor party. They wake up the next day only to find out that they are broke and have no memory of what happened to them. You know what to do next. Watch the movie we say!

What if you can access a billion dollar account and love to splurge on gambling? Would you bet it all or become infamous? The movie answers all these questions with a bit of drama.

A typical story that involves gambling, clubs, poker and high stakes but with a twist. The twist is the trip to Reno. Inspired by someone at the gambling club, Bill Denny fulfills his dream of making it big by the end.

The movie is known for Paul Newman’s exceptional performance. A young boy aims to be the best ever pool player and how he goes about it. Brett Newman did justice to the character of his teacher.