Strangely Beautiful! That’s “Love”.“Kadhal”, “Pyaar”, “Priti”, “Prema”!! Simply sweet but toughest emotion to be pulled into a frame. It all starts with a funny tickling in their tummy, going speechless and gasping air when you are around that “one special one”. And that’s how fluttering butterflies inside you makes you realizes it’s “Love”. The first years of love pass being exhilarated for each other. Soon the toast for marriage is on the wheels. Then comes the arrival of their little peanut. And this cycle goes on and on. The joy of life is nothing without love. Sometimes love is a pain, or it’s an excitement, a thrill, at times love is separation, or safety, happiness, a completeness. Cutest fights to be the best kisser in the teenage, young crazy couple in their twenties eating those wild berry muffins, hasty ones going over road trips in their mid-thirties, holding hands over the lake during the fifties, till the old 80-year-old grandparents sipping the hot cup of cocoa in the dock. Definition of love can only be written when the last man on earth might fall in love!! Here are 6 Love quotes from Tejasvi Mohta.

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