The first record of coffee growing in India can be traced back to year 1670 – almost 150 years before the British aggressively introduced tea culture in India and it seeped into majority households of the country. The modest coffee, recently gained back its place of honor when at the start of 21st century, various joints and cafes were introduced in the Indian cities and towns. One cannot compare, yet there are ardent coffee loyalists who can’t stop praising its energizing and medicinal properties. It has been always related with intelligent creative people, lazy winter evenings, long conversations, technological geeks, bibliophiles, writers and all those who believe in mental stimulation. It’s rare to find someone who consumes caffeine just for fun. Once you are hooked, it’s a lifelong addiction – something much more than a casual drink and impossible to give up. It gets bigger. It’s essential for the mind to start functioning. As it is said – a lot can happen over a cup of coffee.

Here are some of the signs which tells you that you have become one of those hard core addicts.

Coffee Addiction (11)

Your performance in office is best 10 mins after each shot of coffee.

Coffee Addiction (1)

You can’t start reading anything unless you have a cuppa in your hand

Coffee Addiction (2)

There are more than two dozens of coffee mugs at your home. The office collection is separate.

Coffee Addiction (3)

Grocery shopping is never complete without that one pack of filter coffee.

Coffee Addiction (4)

The definition of heaven for you is a good book, a cool evening breeze and a steaming mug of coffee.

Coffee Addiction (5)

The reason you want to travel to Ooty, Coorg or Munnar is to buy different types of coffees.

Coffee Addiction (6)

You first date was at CCD, barista, costa coffee or Starbucks.

Coffee Addiction (7)

According to you, chai addicts are unfortunate creatures to be pitied.

Coffee Addiction (8)

You search for a new coffee joint in your city almost every week.

Coffee Addiction (9)

There are 10 different coffee machines at your home – each one working and in best conditions.

Coffee Addiction (10)

You take offense if your partner does not appreciate your obsession with coffee.

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