It all begins when she first misses her periods, and that’s when she realizes “life has started growing from within her”. The man behind the beautiful crime is aside her, spooning kisses on her “Mom-To-Be-Belly-Bump”. Life churns to be magical as the couple starts expecting.

Occasional kicks and funny hiccups from her growing tummy tunes her man from a restless lover to a responsible father. Finally the vibes becomes much interesting when your tiny baby breaks the waters to meet you both!! But we are warning you, the roller-coaster rides are still in queue. Sleepless nights and reasonless cries, would swipe in and sooner you would see yourself, reading aloud stories of tooth fairies and rainbow farting unicorns. Ever experienced the happiness of that bump in your belly? Ever been the impatient father carrying the tiny baby? Ever nagged by the unending questions of your kids? We introduce Krishan Pandey, who can amazingly take you through the journey of becoming parents. Raised in Faridabad, a passionate writer and renowned poet add essence of life as ingredients to his writings to bring every piece of his work like a delicacy. Here we have this article as a tribute to him.

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