Mention Amitabh Bachchan and one instantly thinks of the best actor of the millennium, the limelight, the huge fan following, the fame and the riches. No doubt he has been an actor with exceptional talent and hard work who has achieved the highest level of respect and love in the hearts of his fans and critics alike. But few know of the number of times he fell prey to physical injuries, diseases and various illnesses which have stuck for life.

In July 1982, while shooting for Coolie he suffered a near fatal intestinal injury. It’s an epic story when the nation prayed for his recovery and well-being. But many do not know that it took him almost one year to regain his physical strength and flexibility. Since then, he has gone through various painful ailments which have tested him yet he has come out of it victorious. The discipline and dedication he shows towards his physical fitness is a thing legends are made of. It’s only because of his efforts and self-constraint he is able to fight off so many scars and injuries to his body.

Below are the 10 incidents which shows that Amitabh Bachchan is fighter to the core.