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Check out 50 Tom Cruise Quotes today.

50 Best Tom Cruise Quotes

1. “See, this is the good part, Pecker. This is when the job gets fun. Ask and you shall receive.” – Tom Cruise

2. “Speedman is a dying star. A white dwarf headed for a black hole. That’s physics. It’s inevitable.” – Tom Cruise

3. “We don’t negotiate with terrorists.” – Tom Cruise

4. “The universe is talking to us right now. You just gotta listen.” – Tom Cruise

Tom Cruise Quotes (1)

5. “You play ball, we play ball. I know you want the goodies.” – Tom Cruise

6. “Let’s face it, the kids aren’t exactly dressing up as The Scorcher for Purim anymore.”

Tom Cruise

7. “Or, you can grow a conscience in the next five minutes and see where that takes you.”

Tom Cruise

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8. “A nutless monkey could do your job. Now, go get drunk and take credit at all the parties.” – Tom Cruise

9. “Everything ends badly, otherwise it wouldn’t end.” – Tom Cruise

10. “Believe me, Bonnie. You are gonna wake up tomorrow morning with a sigh of relief because I’m not there.” – Tom Cruise

11. “Days get shorter and shorter, nights longer and longer, before you know it, your life is just one long night with a few comatose daylight hours.” – Tom Cruise

12. “Come on, put it to the floor! Come on! Let’s go!” – Tom Cruise

13. “The game’s not over yet.” – Tom Cruise

14. “I swear I’ll be the best dad I can.” – Tom Cruise

15. “Coughlin’s law: never show surprise, never lose your cool.” – Tom Cruise

16. “I left a can of Spam in your refrigerator, I hope your Brewer’s Yeast doesn’t take it personally.” – Tom Cruise

17. “Talk is overrated as a means of resolving disputes.” – Tom Cruise

18. “I’m willing to start at the bottom.” – Tom Cruise

19. “I think a man does what he can until his destiny is revealed.” – Tom Cruise

20. “Every soldier has nightmares.” – Tom Cruise

21. “For 500 bucks a month I’ll kill whoever you want. But keep one thing in mind: I’d happily kill you for free.” – Tom Cruise

22. “I just realized, I’ve been remiss. Forgive me, I forgot to thank you for protecting me yesterday. That is your job right? Protecting me. Well done ‘Bob.'” – Tom Cruise

23. “They don’t cut the heads off defeated, kneeling men.” – Tom Cruise

24. “He was a murderer who fell in love with his own legend. And his troopers died for it.” – Tom Cruise

25. “Because they come to destroy what I have come to love.” – Tom Cruise

26. “I am surprised to learn that the word Samurai means, ‘to serve’, and that Katsumoto believes his rebellion to be in the service of the Emperor.” – Tom Cruise

27. “My thanks, on behalf of those who died in the name of better mechanical amusements and commercial opportunities.” – Tom Cruise

28. “There is some comfort in the emptiness of the sea, no past, no future.” – Tom Cruise

29. “Show me the money.” – Tom Cruise

30. “It was great the way her mind worked. No guilt, no doubts, no fear. None of my specialties. Just the shameless pursuit of immediate gratification. What a capitalist.” – Tom Cruise

31. “People are dying every day over there, and nobody back here even seems to care.” – Tom Cruise

32. “Porsche. There is no substitute.” – Tom Cruise

33. “You complete me.” – Tom Cruise

34. “Well the rain is a lot like the shower, you get a little wet. What do you say, Ray? What do you say?” – Tom Cruise

35. “Sometimes, Stevie, I think people, they know you’re back from Vietnam, and their face – changes: the eyes, the voice, the way they look at you, you know.” – Tom Cruise

36. “Help me help you.” – Tom Cruise

37. “The witness is excused.” – Tom Cruise

38. “That’s amazing! He is amazing! He should work for NASA or something like that.” – Tom Cruise

39. “Should we or should we not follow the advice of the galactically stupid!” – Tom Cruise

40. “I want to be a man again. Who’s going to love me, Dad? Who’s ever going to love me? Who’s going to love me?” – Tom Cruise

41. “When it came right down to it, I just wasn’t attracted to her.” – Tom Cruise

42. “Don’t call me son. I’m a lawyer and an officer in the United States Navy, and you’re under arrest.” – Tom Cruise

43. “I served my country and they just want to take from it, just take, take! Love it or leave it, that’s what I think.” – Tom Cruise

44. “Casinos have house rules: they don’t like to lose. So you never show that you’re counting cards. That is the cardinal sin, Ray.” – Tom Cruise

45. “Is the colonel’s underwear a matter of national security?” – Tom Cruise

46. “What you have to understand is, four days ago he was only my brother in name. And this morning we had pancakes.” – Tom Cruise

47. “Don’t you know what it means to me to be a Marine, Dad? Ever since I was a kid I’ve wanted this – I’ve wanted to serve my country.” – Tom Cruise

48. “It seems to me that if there were any logic to our language, trust would be a four-letter word.” – Tom Cruise

49. “So whatever you’re thinking, you’d better think again!” – Tom Cruise

50. “You paying attention? I’m talking G5, Pecker. That’s how you can roll.” – Tom Cruise

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