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50 Best Steve Harvey Quotes

1.“My calling is to help people, to teach people, to share with people, until I die.  I can never stop doing that.  I can’t, and I don’t want to.” – Steve Harvey

Steve Harvey Quotes (1)

2.“Change comes in every person’s life. You can either react to it or you can participate in it.” – Steve Harvey

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3.” Act like a success, think like a success discovering your gift and the way to life’s riches.” – Steve Harvey

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4.“Don’t ever be afraid to put yourself in a lesser position so that you can learn something from someone who knows more.” – Steve Harvey

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5.“So many people are missing their way in life because they are afraid to sign the lease on their gift.” – Steve Harvey

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6.“If you are waking up with the sensation that there has got to be more in life then there is.” – Steve Harvey

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7.“I aim for stuff so big, that the dream is bigger than the fear.” – Steve Harvey

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8.“If you see it in your mind, you can hold it in your mind.” – Steve Harvey

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9.“The single most important part of your life is your dream.” – Steve Harvey

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10.”I never in my life saw myself as a game show host. I don’t want to be a traffic cop.” – Steve Harvey

11.“We can all be something better than we are if we are only willing to change and forgive.” – Steve Harvey

12.“People don’t like to hear the truth out here because the truth makes them think.” – Steve Harvey

13.“He’s an honest man who does what he says.” – Steve Harvey

14.”Procrastination will delay your change! Today is a very good day to change; don’t let you stop yourself from growing.” – Steve Harvey

15.“You can be happy, or you can be right. If you want to be part of a couple and win every argument, you’re in trouble.” – Steve Harvey

16.“Everybody on your side ain’t on your side.” – Steve Harvey

17.“Sometimes out of your biggest misery, comes your greatest gain.” – Steve Harvey

18.“I am from the hood; I never had nothing.  Now that I have something, I must give back.” – Steve Harvey

19.”Your reality is yours. Stop wasting time looking at someone else’s reality while doing nothing about yours.” – Steve Harvey

20.“Growth is in a series of mistakes. That’s the only way you learn.” – Steve Harvey

21.“Do what you say you’re going to do! People can do nothing but respect that.” – Steve Harvey

22.“If you want to be successful you have to jump, there’s no way around it.  If you’re safe, you’ll never soar.” – Steve Harvey

23.“Catch fire today!  Make today the day you stop complaining and do something.” – Steve Harvey

24.“The what’s next is the reason to keep waking up. The what’s next is the driving force for all successful people. There always has to be a what’s next.” – Steve Harvey

25.“Martin Luther King Jr. said something that I will always remember. He said, “A man can’t ride your back unless it’s bent.” Don’t bend over. Stay tall. Keep climbing.” – Steve Harvey

26.“Goals are dreams with their feet on the ground.” – Steve Harvey

27.“Excuses are the lies you convince yourself are true to avoid proving you are worthy of the gift you were given. Say this with me no more excuses.” – Steve Harvey

28.“Success is not just about your ability to achieve, but also your ability to serve through sharing. True success lives in our legacies” – Steve Harvey

29.“Successful people appreciate where they have come from, but they don’t let their past set the tone for their future. Successful people are innovators.” – Steve Harvey

30.“A person has to remember that the road to success is always under construction.  You have to get that through your head.  That it is not easy becoming successful.” – Steve Harvey

31.“The 4 P’s to success: pressure, persistence, perseverance & prayer.” – Steve Harvey

32.“Men produce strategies for success.” – Steve Harvey

33.“You are never too old to reinvent yourself.” – Steve Harvey

34. “I ain’t no author, man…my writing skills are not of ‘New York Times’ best-seller quality, trust and believe it ain’t. My vocabulary ain’t.” – Steve Harvey

35.”When you’re up in life, your friends get to know who you are. When you’re down in life, you get to know who your friends are.” – Steve Harvey

36.”I’m a comedian first. I’ve learned how to act. I just draw on life experiences and that’s how I’ve learned. I didn’t take classes or anything. I don’t need no classroom.” – Steve Harvey

37.”I was looking at my coffin choices, I was thinking about getting the player’s special, the one with the diamo.” – Steve Harvey

38.“Sometimes, son, nothing is going to change until you get sick and tired of being sick and tired.” – Steve Harvey

39.“You have to learn to convince yourself that the possibility is greater than the inevitability of doing nothing. Listen,” – Steve Harvey

40.“You career is what you’re paid for, your calling is what you’re made for.” – Steve Harvey

41.“Let a man see what he can get but make him imagine what he can have.” – Steve Harvey

42.“Wake up and smile! Wake up and be grateful!” – Steve Harvey

43.“You have the potential for greatness.” – Steve Harvey

44.“Forgiveness is for you. It does more for you than the other person.” – Steve Harvey

45.“Do not ignore the passion that burns in you. Spend time to discover your gift.” – Steve Harvey

46.“Your setback is just a setup for a comeback.” – Steve Harvey

47.“What would you do if you weren’t afraid?” – Steve Harvey

48.“Do not ignore your gift. Your gift is the thing you do the absolute best with the lease amount of effort.” – Steve Harvey

49.“Your gift is something that you can do innately better than anything else.” – Steve Harvey

50.“What you want out of life is the thing you have to give the most of.” – Steve Harvey

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