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45 Best Simplicity Quotes

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1. “Knowledge is a process of piling up facts; wisdom lies in their simplification.” – Martin H. Fischer

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2. “Simplicity is the keynote of all true elegance.” – Coco Chanel

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3. “Our life is frittered away by detail… simplify, simplify.” – Henry David Thoreau

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4. “Simplicity does not precede complexity, but follows it.” – Alan Perlis

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5. “A little simplification would be the first step toward rational living; I think.” – Eleanor Roosevelt

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6. “If you can’t explain it to a six-year-old, you don’t understand it yourself.” – Albert Einstein

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7. “Progress is man’s ability to complicate simplicity.” – Thor Heyerdahl

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8. “The less I needed, the better I felt.” – Charles Bukowski

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9. “Reject the basic assumptions of civilization, especially the importance of material possessions.” – Chuck Palahniuk

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10. “Clutter and confusion are failures of design, not attributes of information.” – Edward Tuft

11. “Simplicity is the final achievement. After one has played a vast quantity of notes and more notes, it is simplicity that emerges as the crowning reward of art.” – Frederic Chopin

12. ”There is no greatness where there is no simplicity, goodness, and truth.” – Leo Tolstoy

13. “The most complicated skill is to be simple.” – Dejan Stojanovic

14. “As beautiful as simplicity is, it can become a tradition that stands in the way of exploration.” – Laura Nyro

15. “Like all magnificent things, it’s very simple.” – Natalie Babbitt

16. “Nature is pleased with simplicity. And nature is no dummy.” – Isaac Newton

17. “One day I will find the right words, and they will be simple.” – Jack Kerouac

18. “The Golden Rule is the ultimate model of simplicity: a one-sentence statement so profound that an individual could spend a lifetime learning to follow it.” – Chip Heath

19. “Simplicity is about subtracting the obvious and adding the meaningful.” – John Maeda

20. “Simplicity reveals the pure beauty of life.” – Debasish Mridha

21. “Simplicity is nature’s first step and the last of art.” – Philip James Bailey

22. “Less stuff equals more freedom.” – Anonymous

23. “I’ve always liked simplicity.” – Marissa Mayer

24. “Childhood means simplicity. Look at the world with the child’s eye – it is very beautiful.” – Kailash Satyarthi

25. “Simplicity boils down to two steps: Identify the essential. Eliminate the rest.” – Leo Babauta

26. “In character, in manner, in style, in all things, the supreme excellence is simplicity.” – Henry Wadsworth Longfellow

27. “I have just three things to teach: simplicity, patience, compassion. These three are your greatest treasures.” – Lao Tzo

28. “Life is really simple, but we insist on making it complicated.” – Confucius 

29. “Any intelligent fool can make things bigger, more complex, and more violent. It takes a touch of genius and a lot of courage to move in the opposite direction.” – F. Schumacker

30. “Everything should be made as simple as possible, but not simpler.” – Albert Einstein

31. “Don’t make the process harder than it is.” – Jack Welch

32. “The art of simplicity is a puzzle of complexity.” – Douglas Horton

33. “I feel that the simplicity of life is just being yourself.” – Bobby Brown

34. “I will not say yes when my heart says no.” – Courtney Carver

35. “Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication.” – Leonardo da Vinci

36. “Simplicity is making the journey of this life with just baggage enough.” – Charles Dudley Warner

37. “A vocabulary of truth and simplicity will be of service throughout your life.” – Winston Churchill

38. “You can’t experience simple joys when you’re living life with your hair on fire.” – Emily Ley

39. “The ability to simplify means to eliminate the unnecessary so that the necessary may speak.” – Hans Hofmann

40. “Comfort and simplicity are two keys that I follow when it comes to fashion.” – Fawad Khan

41. “The greatest wealth is a poverty of desires.” – Seneca

42. “Simplicity is a prerequisite for reliability.” – Edsger Dijkstra

43. “Truth is ever to be found in simplicity, and not the multiplicity and confusion of things.” – Isaac Newton

44. “Simplicity is an exact medium between too little and too much.” – Sir Joshua Reynolds

45. “Manifest plainness, embrace simplicity, reduce selfishness, have few desires.” – Lao Tzu

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