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50 Best Jordan Peterson Quotes

1. “Strengthen the individual. Start with yourself. Take care of yourself. Define who you are. Refine your personality.” – Jordan Peterson

Jordan Peterson Quotes (1)

2. “Compare yourself to who you were yesterday, not who someone else is today.” – Jordan Peterson

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3. “Perhaps you are overvaluing what you don’t have and undervaluing what you do.” – Jordan Peterson

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4. “You should take care of, help and be good to yourself the same way you would take care of, help and be good to someone you loved and valued.” – Jordan Peterson

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5. “Do you want to make your children safe or strong?” – Jordan Peterson

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6. “Dreams shed light on the dim places where reason itself has yet to voyage.” – Jordan Peterson

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7. “It’s a luxury to pursue what makes you happy it’s a moral obligation to pursue what you find meaningful.” – Jordan Peterson

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8. “To straddle that fundamental duality is to be balanced to have one foot firmly planted in order and security, and the other in chaos, possibility, growth, and adventure.” – Jordan Peterson

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9. “Aim to be the person at your father’s funeral that everyone, in their grief and misery, can rely on.” – Jordan Peterson

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10. “There’s a worthy and noble ambition strength in the face of adversity.” – Jordan Peterson

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11. “Ask yourself what you would require to be motivated to undertake the job, honestly, and listen to the answer.” – Jordan Peterson

12. “We transform the manifold possibilities of the future into the actualities of past and present.” – Jordan Peterson

13. “A naively formulated goal transmutes, with time, into the sinister form of life lie.” – Jordan Peterson

14. “We cannot navigate, without something to aim at, and while we are in this world, we must always navigate.” – Jordan Peterson

15. “You need to place one foot in what you have mastered and understood, and the other in what you are currently exploring and mastering.” – Jordan Peterson

16. “You carry character with you wherever you go, and it allows you to prevail against adversity.” – Jordan Peterson

17. “Always place your becoming above your current being.” – Jordan Peterson

18. “It is my firm belief that the best way to fix the world a handyman’s dream, if ever there was one is to fix yourself.” – Jordan Peterson

19. “Stop saying those things that make you weak and ashamed. Say only those things that make you strong. Do only those things that you could speak of with honor.” – Jordan Peterson

20. “Sometimes, it seems the only people willing to give advice in a relativistic society are those with the least to offer.” – Jordan Peterson

21. “In a crisis, the inevitable suffering that life entails can rapidly make a mockery of the idea that happiness is the proper pursuit of the individual.” – Jordan Peterson

22. “Human female choosiness is also why we are very different from the common ancestor we shared with our chimpanzee cousins, while the latter are very much the same.” – Jordan Peterson

23. “If you betray yourself, if you say untrue things, if you act out a lie, you weaken your character.” – Jordan Peterson

24. “You must keep the promises you make to yourself, and reward yourself, so that you can trust and motivate yourself.” – Jordan Peterson

25. “When you have something to say, silence is a lie.” – Jordan Peterson

26. “If you fulfill your obligations everyday, you don’t need to worry about the future.” – Jordan Peterson

27. “I don’t think that you have any insight whatsoever into your capacity for good until you have some well-developed insight into your capacity for evil.” – Jordan Peterson

28. “It took untold generations to get you where you are. A little gratitude might be in order.” – Jordan Peterson

29. “You’re going to pay a price for every bloody thing you do and everything you don’t do.” – Jordan Peterson

30. “If you don’t say what you think, then you kill your unborn self.” – Jordan Peterson

31. “Women select men. That makes them nature, because nature is what selects.” – Jordan Peterson

32. “If you think tough men are dangerous, wait until you see what weak men are capable of.” – Jordan Peterson

33. “If you’re going to insist on bending the world to your way, you better have your reasons.” – Jordan Peterson

34. “The woman is the gatekeeper to reproductive success, and you can’t get more like nature than that. In fact, it’s the very definition of nature.” – Jordan Peterson

35. “Love is the desire to see unnecessary suffering ameliorated.” – Jordan Peterson

36. “To learn is to die voluntarily and be born again in great ways and small.” – Jordan Peterson

37. “Truth is the handmaiden of love.” – Jordan Peterson

38. “Choose your destination and articulate your being.” – Jordan Peterson

39. “Our choices determine the destiny of the world. By making a choice, you alter the structure of reality.” – Jordan Peterson

40. “The purpose of life, as far as I can tell, is to find a mode of being that’s so meaningful that the fact that life is suffering is no longer relevant.” – Jordan Peterson

41. “You must determine where you are going in your life, because you cannot get there unless you move in that direction.” – Jordan Peterson

42. “The better ambitions have to do with the development of character and ability, rather than status and power.” – Jordan Peterson

43. “The successful among us delay gratification. The successful among us bargain with the future.” – Jordan Peterson

44. “Consciousness is a mystery that faces the mystery of potential and transforms it into actuality. We do that with every choice we make.” – Jordan Peterson

45. “We believe that in reducing the scope and importance of our errors, we are properly humble. In truth, we are merely unwilling to bear the weight of our true responsibility.” – Jordan Peterson

46. “What you aim at determines what you see.” – Jordan Peterson

47. “The secret to your existence is right in front of you. It manifests itself as all those things you know you should do, but are avoiding.” – Jordan Peterson

48. “We must each adopt as much responsibility as possible for individual life, society and the world.” – Jordan Peterson

49. “You must determine where you are going, so that you can bargain for yourself; so that you don’t end up resentful, vengeful, and cruel.” – Jordan Peterson

50. “It would be good to make the world a better place.” – Jordan Peterson

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