50 Brendon Burchard Quotes That Will Motivate You

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Check out 50 Brendon Burchard Quotes today.

50 Best Brendon Burchard Quotes

1. “A meaningful life is just the sum of meaningful moments. Live in every moment.” – Brendon Burchard

2. “Add so much value that you can’t help but get it paid forward.” – Brendon Burchard

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3. “Amplifying what is great within you will accelerate your life faster than fixing what you think ‘limits’ you.”- Brendon Burchard

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4. “Any plunge into the unknown is reckless – but that’s where the treasure lies.”- Brendon Burchard

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5. “Are you not more than your tiny worries about inconvenience? Isn’t a better life worth some struggle?”- Brendon Burchard

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6. “As soon as you seek to inspire others, it inspires the best in you.” – Brendon Burchard

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7. “Ask yourself this question every morning: Will who you are now lead you to who you want to be in the future?” – Brendon Burchard

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8. “At the end of our lives we all ask, ‘Did I live? Did I love? Did I matter?’” – Brendon Burchard

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9. “Be Honest about what you’re doing, the value it’s adding, how much passion you feel towards it, and what you want in life.” – Brendon Burchard

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10. “Be an example of the kind of conduct you wish to see in the world.  Do not expect love, excellence or generosity if you do not radiate such things.”- Brendon Burchard

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11. “Be strong and ready, for any moment the fog may clear and they will look upon you to lead.” – Brendon Burchard

12. “Be sure to step out of the chaos now and then, and ask, what do I really want for my life now.” – Brendon Burchard

13. “Be thankful for all that you have. Work hard for all that you desire. Be intentional for the person you are becoming and love others.” – Brendon Burchard

14. “But we all know that the seeds of greatness grow faster in the hearts of those doing work they love than in the bitter hearts of those enslaved by work they despise.”- Brendon Burchard

15. “Commit to showing up with full vitality and excellence each day and a funny thing happens: Your life becomes vibrant and extraordinary.”- Brendon Burchard

16. “Don’t think it is necessary for anyone to understand your dreams or grant permission to begin.  Not everyone needs to be on your same ambition line.” – Brendon Burchard

17. “Each morning is a curtain call to show the world your highest art of being.” – Brendon Burchard

18. “Either aimlessness and distraction shall win this week or ambition and discipline. Which you choose week after week determines your destiny.”- Brendon Burchard

19. “Every great human victory is a story of perseverance.” – Brendon Burchard

20. “Fear wins or freedom wins. And so let us ask ourselves, will my life be about aversion or ascension?”- Brendon Burchard

21. “If someone is counting on you then you have all the motivation you need.  Take care of them.  Be the role model.  Rise above the petty worries to serve!” – Brendon Burchard

22. “If you create incredible value and information for others that can change their lives – and you always stay focused on that service – the financial success will follow.”- Brendon Burchard

23. “If you want a better tomorrow you must stride through your current boundaries of belief.” – Brendon Burchard

24. “In all the chaos, never forget you can choose to bring the joy.”- Brendon Burchard

25. “It’s not selfish to want to be happier and have a better lifestyle.  Those who judge you now for striving will thank you later for succeeding.”- Brendon Burchard

26. “Just one more heavy step toward our dreams often awakens the desire to follow it with another.”- Brendon Burchard

27. “Keeping one’s attitude positive, especially when the world conspires to make us mad, is one of the great accomplishments of life.”- Brendon Burchard

28. “Let us awaken and feel alive with joy and appreciation for the gift of this life.” – Brendon Burchard

29. “Mediocrity begins the precise moment you swap love for challenge, with love of comfort.” – Brendon Burchard

30. “Most fear is just bad management of our own mental faculties. Get over it.”- Brendon Burchard

31. “Most people would feel guilty for destroying someone else’s property. Yet they wreck the very temple their Creator gifted them.” – Brendon Burchard

32. “Freedom and greatness belong to those who master their day.” – Brendon Burchard

33. “Give yourself some credit. You’ve got a big heart, you’ve made it this far, and you are always always stronger than you think.”- Brendon Burchard

34. “Grant me the strength to focus this week, to be mindful and present, to serve with excellence, to be a force of love.” – Brendon Burchard

35. “Growth and greatness often come from those seemingly endless, fruitless days of discipline. Keep working, keep at it, believe.” – Brendon Burchard

36. “I believe in my ability to figure things out, so I have a few fears or hesitations.  With each step, I will learn and grow, and so I go.” – Brendon Burchard

37. “Never fail to remember to fail more often.  Do not fear boldness for it only brings learning.” – Brendon Burchard

38. “Never fear departing that which causes suffering.  Holding on to what is wrong is not strength, it is bad judgement.”- Brendon Burchard

39. “Never let your current competencies limit your vision for the future.” – Brendon Burchard

40. “Never limit the vision you have for your life based on your current circumstances or competencies.”- Brendon Burchard

41. “No matter how small you start, start something that matters.” – Brendon Burchard

42. “Optimists are happier in life for a reason.”- Brendon Burchard

43. “People who are on the path of purpose don’t have time for drama or distraction.” – Brendon Burchard

44. “Perhaps the world isn’t giving you what you want because based on all your distractions and lack of discipline it’s simply unclear what you are asking for.”- Brendon Burchard

45. “Personal power is directly tied to personal responsibility, which most people avoid.” – Brendon Burchard

46. “Pursuing our dreams and being our full selves allows us to feel alive.  Aliveness doesn’t happen in silence.  Aliveness doesn’t happen in repression.  Aliveness happens in action.” – Brendon Burchard

47. “When we amplify the best within us, we can achieve something miraculous.” Brendon Burchard

48. “Show the world you are grateful and life opens another realm to you.”- Brendon Burchard

49. “Something extraordinary happens when you dramatically increase the focus, drive, and intention you bring to your life, work and relationships.” – Brendon Burchard

50. “Sometimes we have to stop doing what we want or what is comfortable, and we must do what is required of us to grow and serve at a higher level.”- Brendon Burchard

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