There are very few people who watch football and don’t love Andrea Pirlo. An Italian football player, this great man is always in the news either for his game or for his quotes. Many regard him as one of the best exponents of the game and he has also won several awards to his credit. To some, he is a philosopher in the guise of a footballer because his statements and quotes are filled with great wisdom, knowledge and thoughts about life. Below are some of the best known Andrea Pirlo quotes the sport star has given which can give us a kick for life. Andrea Pirlo quotes will help in getting your game strong. 

10 Inspirational Andrea Pirlo Quotes

“If God exists, there’s no way he’s French.” – Andrea Pirlo

“Swearing’s my release, and the one weapon I have to defend myself against destiny when it elects to strike without pity.” – Andrea Pirlo

“For me, it’s always better to keep chasing down the guy in front and maybe finish second, rather than stopping altogether.” – Andrea Pirlo

“I perceive the game in a different way. It’s a question of viewpoints, of having a wide field of vision. Being able to see the bigger picture.” – Andrea Pirlo

“Sometimes a pinch of sadism is the ingredient that makes the victory taste that little sweeter.” – Andrea Pirlo

“After the wheel, the best invention is the PlayStation.” – Andrea Pirlo

“Football is played with the head. Your legs are just the tools.” – Andrea Pirlo

“Tears are a demonstration of who you are, an undeniable truth.” – Andrea Pirlo

“I like to think of myself as a director, on the pitch and in life.” – Andrea Pirlo

Andrea Pirlo Quotes (11)

“Don’t practice until you get it right, practice until you can’t get it wrong.” – Andrea Pirlo

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