A legend was born when the Godfather released in 1972. Al Pacino, who played the role of the brooding yet dynamic underworld don Michael Corleone, was instantly catapulted to the fame and popularity no one has ever experienced in the entire Hollywood history. Along with the actors, the movie Godfather itself is considered as one of the best films ever created. Al Pacino, living up to his expectations, went on to become one of the most respected actors of all times. His life has been an example to follow and hence some of the quotes he has spoken can be taken as anecdotes to living life successfully. Al Pacino quotes will you courage to face the challenges in your life. We bring to you some famous Al Pacino quotes. 

11 Motivational Al Pacino Quotes

Al Pacino Quotes (2)

I asked god for a bike. But I know god doesn’t work like that. So I stole a bike and asked for forgiveness.

Al Pacino Quotes (12)

Keep your friends close but enemies closer.

Al Pacino Quotes (11)

Be careful how you judge people, most of all friends. You don’t sum up a man’s life in one moment.

Al Pacino Quotes (10)

The dream don’t come no closer by itself, we gotta run after it now.

Al Pacino Quotes (9)

Never let anyone know what you are thinking.

Al Pacino Quotes (8)

It is easy to fool the eye but it is hard to fool the heart.

Al Pacino Quotes (7)

Everybody loves you until you become a competition.

Al Pacino Quotes (6)

Either we heal now as a team or we will die later as individuals.

Al Pacino Quotes (5)

The key to success is the dream.

Al Pacino Quotes (4)

I always tell the truth even when I lie.

Al Pacino Quotes (3)

Never hate your enemies, it affects your judgment.

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