A little too much, a little too less. Too strong, not strong enough to do this. Too talkative, too demanding, too loud, too ambitious and too much of everything. Women across the world and especially in India face too much everyday. If she wants more from life then she is too bold, if she wears certain kind of clothes or speaks in a certain way then she is being too smart. Women had to always fight it out to make things work for them in the big world.

Even though we have achieved many prestigious titles and positions, we are still forced to comply to a certain set of rule book on women. Growing up in a patriarchal society itself poses a lot of issues as gender roles are very clearly defined and drawn right from the time you are born. But here we are, breaking stereotypes one thinking at a time, shutting a lot of criticism with our exceptional talent and being the Boss lady that we were always meant to be.

Here are a few relatable stereotypes that you must have definitely come across and our two cents on them.

Because what I choose to wear is nobody’s business.

It’s funny how all rules change automatically when it comes to men.

I can finance myself. Is that too much to handle?

And then they say: Oh! That is our girl. Much hypocrisy.

Yes because only fair people get to make it big in the world. Says who?

Maybe, breathe like a lady too. Handover the Big Book of Etiquettes please.

Intimidated? Are we?

If only people’s minds were as big as their mouths.

Please look up the meaning of consent in a dictionary.

Why limit her when she can clearly rule the world?

All you women out there, go out and break as many rules as possible. Stay strong and speak up whenever you feel threatened. And break more stereotypes.

Stay Badass!

Source Images: FashionLady