When you think of the word ‘Entrepreneur’, who or what comes to your mind? Birla and Ambani or Mark Zuckerberg and Jeff Bezos? Business or Marketing Strategies? You must have thought a million times of these successful personalities and why on earth did they risk it all to come to the position that they are in today. And to put it more specifically, why did they choose to become entrepreneurs? No longer are people afraid to do risky things without a safety net underneath. They work tremendously hard to achieve success. There are four major factors that drive these entrepreneurs to become reputed and popular images- Passion, Ego, Material Objectivity and a Cause. EliteColumn brings you the pictorial depiction of the sixteen reasons why people choose to become entrepreneurs. Take a look if you wanna join in the success queue.

Why People Become Entrepreneurs (1)Image Source Content: Adioma