Vampire movies take us right into the folklore where the blood-sucking souls wander in the night, hunting for their preys. Vampires sit rightfully on the throne of horror movies as kings.  We know what comes to your mind with the sight of creepy and haunting setting, blood sucking monsters with fans like teeth? Needless to say, vampire movies are the most beloved of all genres. Each one of it spawns the myth surrounding these monstrous creatures that hunt in the night and thrive on fresh human blood. They are must watch and highly addictive. Here, take a look –

What’s not to love here, Tom Cruise as Lestat and Brad Pitt as Louis it is an epic story of a vampire that gets him through hurt, love, betrayal and loneliness.

A month of darkness in a town of Alaska and you can imagine all spooky details in this movie. Also, an excellent performance by Danny Huston!

Horror genre addicts, raise your hands for this one! A classic, bloody and spooky one.

This is definitely for serious Vampire movie aficionados. You have been warned!

Inspired by the Marvel Comics Vampire hero, Wesley Snipes delivers an extraordinary performance here!

Vengeance is the underlying theme of the movie with comedy and loads of violence and amazing dialogue delivery.

The character of Blade, a half-vampire, and a half-man comes into life straight from the Marvel Comics in this movie.

Watch this on if you fancy vampires and werewolves alike!

A romance between a female vampire and a boy is well-crafted into this romantic thriller.

The coolest bad guys get together into the world of vampires and vampire hunters in this one!

A black comedy vampire movie will give you chills like no other!

What will happen if humans turn into vampires? Watch this vampire movie to find out.

The movie houses big names like George Clooney, Quentin Tarantino and Salma Hayek as ultimate vampire seductress. We need not convince you, right!

Find out Eli’s dark secret and the mystery behind her connection to murders in her vicinity. Among all other vampire movies, keep this in your must watch list!

You can expect all kind of vampire stuff it in, be it frequent neck biting, night hunting for blood and everything that is evil!

An Irish fiction movie revolving around a vampire mother-daughter duo is certainly not to be missed!

Watch this to see the blossoming of a century old vampire love in the modern world.

It connects you instantly to the vampire world that portrays faith, blood lusting and everything freaky that you can imagine.