Magical movies encompass the fantasy world quite well. Be it the elaborate illusions and tricks or the mystics and wizards.  All of them spark curiosity and magic do work on the audience. The fantasy genre of a magical movie takes us away from our real life for a while. The world of fiction does seem intriguing to us all equally. Sometimes a little dose of magic is what we all need in our lives.

Dig into these 19 movies that will take you on a magical journey and you will never want to get back –

This is a well-crafted story about magic and mystery. The centuries old Vienna and a mysterious plot do well in holding the audience till the end. The illusionist is the main protagonist who is in the search of true love. Wait till the end to be mystified.

This story about four magicians has enormous twists. Watch this movie to get tricked with so many illusions and magic tricks.

The Prestige has an interesting plot. The movie shows incredible performances by Hugh Jackman and Christian Bale. It is a story about two rivals who are magicians. The story tells about their struggle to outdo each other and how they are obsessed with the burning desire to destroy each other. You can expect a lot of magical experiences throughout the movie.

Who isn’t familiar with the Harry Potter? You can always take flight into the world of witchcraft and wizards with this movie. The magical movie is high on fantasy. It revolves around the mystery of a sorcerer’s stone and how it is connected with Harry.

This movie is based on the second novel from the Harry Potter series. Hogwarts is no longer the same. As Harry returns to Hogwarts, he finds himself in the middle of mysterious events.

This is the third magical movie from Harry Potter series. You will get to see it all, be it the dark arts, wizard craft, illusions, magic and more. The story is about Harry’s connection with a prisoner escaped from Azkaban.

This is the fourth story of the Harry Potter series. There is a lot of magic happening in Hogwarts where a legendary tournament is going on. The Goblet of Fire chooses Harry as the fourth champion of the tournament. Watch the movie and know how it affects Harry along with his scary encounter with a devil.

The fifth story from Harry Potter Series has a lot of action. Magical action, though! The movie portrays a rebellion of Hogwarts students against the dark forces. The secret about Order of Phoenix is revealed as well.

This is about Harry’s sixth year at Hogwarts. An interesting turn of events takes place at Hogwarts. Here everyone is threatened with the return of Dark Lord. Dumbledore and Harry unite to secretly plan about destroying the evil Dark Lord. Watch out how they become successful in doing so.

The story starts with a hunt. Harry, Ron, and Hermione set out on a quest to find Lord Voldemort’s immortality secret. The adventure trip of the trio is full of obstacles, magic, and mysteries. One of the movies you must watch for interesting plot twists.

The other part of the story spins around the mystery behind the deathly hallows. The clash of the trio with the dark forces is portrayed well in this magical movie.

The movie is an interesting adventure story about a Wizard. The fantasy world in the movie is a visual treat. A street magician escapes into a fantasy land and he is mistaken as a wizard there. He finds himself in the company of three witches and he finally succeeds in overthrowing the evil one. A lot of sorcery and witchcraft can be seen.

This is a light-hearted comedy with a twist of magic. Once partners on stage, two magician friends have turned into competitors. See how they take digs at each other.

It is an adventure ridden story about a twelve-year-old boy named Hugo. The story is about his efforts to fulfil his deceased father’s last wish. A series of interesting events reveal the secrets from his magician father’s past.

This one is a classic Disney movie with loads of fairy tale magic. Get enchanted into the magic world of a Princess who lives in a parallel fairy world. The movie is a romantic comedy full of old school magical tricks.

The movie has Angelina Jolie playing a vindictive fairy. It revolves around love, magic, hatred and vengeance that helps you find elements of good in bad. A lot of mystery and magical creatures is promised.

A magical movie filled with fantasy drama takes you to a plethora of magical situations. The movie is gripping and so is the performance by Nicholas Cage. You can expect wizards, magic, science and more in its magical web of events.

It is a unique story about an insane magician who possesses the power to hypnotize his audience. The master of illusions performs scary tricks by controlling the thoughts of the volunteer. It is a gory take on realistic truths behind the magic.

The magical movie shows Las Vegas, goofy fun of magicians and the world of trickery altogether. Jim Carry delivers a fun performance and stays true to the character of the magician. A bustling tale shows a lot of street magic tricks.