Hacking based movies make for a great delight to our mind. Especially they are adored by the computer geeks. These movies are unique in many ways, mostly because of their plot. It is a good break to have some nerdy with a bowl of popcorns. You can expect stuff that is no lesser than rocket science in them. Be it computing, viruses, gaming, and coding or freaky computer languages. Our list of top hacking movies is surely not going to disappoint you. Here, take a look –

Hackers is an interesting story about a boy who got banned from using computers till 18 for writing a virus. He grew up to find himself in the company of awesome underground hackers. That’s how he starts doing what he does the best!

The movie is about a nerdy whiz kid. He accidentally takes up the complete control of United States nuclear arsenal. Watch the movie to find out how he finds the mainframe to disable it.

Matrix needs no introduction. An interesting plot depicting virtual reality is more than awesome. Keanu Reeves plays Neo, a hacker who eventually finds out that the world is a computer programme. If only we could learn Kung Fu like Neo did just by loading up some software!

Hugh Jackman has to hack into some high profile system in the world in 60 seconds. Sounds erratic downright! Watch to find out how he does that with all the shooting and fighting going on in the background.

The hackers have threatened to shut down the entire US on the Independence Day. Bruce Willis takes up the charge of bringing them down. His hacker sidekick Justin Long helps him and how! This fourth instalment of Die Hard series has some action packed geek stuff.

Sandra Bullock plays a computer geek in this movie. She finds her whole life is endangered when she accidentally clicks on a virus loaded file. Her identity gets erased completely from the records. Watch to find out what she does the next.

Sneakers is a little dated yet it’s a pretty awesome geek movie that was ahead of its time. The hacking movie is a must watch for the great cast, especially Robert Redford does justice to his role. The dialogues are amazing as well!

Some high profile thieves decide to steal gold bars in Venice. Everything goes haywire after one of their team members double crosses them. This movie is a remake of the old classic of 1969 by the same name. Watch how they used computers to crack the vault.

Takedown is a thriller drama revolving around the life of a computer hacker Kevin Mitnick. Turns out as he seeks bigger hacking challenges, it ends up in his capture. What happens next to him is a mystery.

A purely technical movie this one, you will find the story gripping. A serial killer is posting live videos of killing on the internet. Find out how Diana Lane tracks him down with hacking tools.

The movie has the thrill, action, hacking, surveillance and bugs (those of computer!) and Will Smith of course. Will Smith finds himself trapped and victimized. He is being chased by satellites and what not. The only person who can help him is his hacker friend.

It is a documentary that covers the course of events of tycoons like Apple and Microsoft. You will adore this movie if you are a fan of Bill Gates, Steve Jobs, Wozniak or Paul Allen. A little peek into the lives of these computer geeks is a visual treat!

Office Space is a classic among hacking based movies. It is a story about a computer programmer and his two colleagues. The company stops paying them and they all plan to plant a virus into company’s account. It is a fun movie with loads of interesting twists. It would appeal to every programmer out there, we bet!

You can’t be called a true Facebook user or fan (if we might say) if you haven’t watched this movie yet. It is cool to know how Mark Zuckerberg used to hack into his college database back in his college days. You will get to know how Facebook came into existence. And nonetheless, find out why Zuckerberg was a dropout.

The movie shows the future of hacking with mind-controlling games. A science fiction and a favourite among gamers, the movie has a unique concept. The future of gaming is shown via Kable. Watch out how human avatar gets stuck in the game world and struggles to escape.

Antitrust is an extraordinary account of a computer geek’s life. The movie is well made and puts technology in focus. It is all about the illegal practices and exploitation in the tech business. The bottom-line is that people shouldn’t be trusted.

This movie is full of action and thrill. Two strangers are forced to leave their houses and are forcibly instructed under threat from a lady on the phone. Turns out the voice of a computer. It will take them to series of dangerous situations. Their every move is tracked by hacking into everyday technology. Shia LaBeouf is undeniably the nerd star of the movie.

Tron is a take on the life of a game designer. The plot is insanely amazing to watch. The game designer gets converted into a digital person through software named Master Control. It is interesting to watch how he gets trapped inside those grids and lines inside the computer world.