When you have lost yourself in jobs, relations, or family, you are simply not alone and probably you might get the feel that you were lost in life. It doesn’t mean your life is doomed or that you will never find success again. It only means that you are going through an incubation period and transformation. It also indicated that you are so focused in doing something that you sense of self and sense of time is temporarily non-existent. Don’t worry- this not only happens with you, but also has already occurred to a number of famous and successful personalities in today’s world. Pejman Nozad was a rug dealer until the age of 30 and it is not a failure by any means. Did anyone ever think that he would be the angel investor of Silicon Valley? Even he, himself never came across that thought. Although now it would seem to be like Nozad had a plan, but trust me, it was random. EliteColumn brings you this knowledgeable info graph of those who came across success at later ages.

Lost in Life (1)Image Source Content: Adioma