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Shawn Achor is an American author, and speaker known for his advocacy of positive psychology. He authored The Happiness Advantage and founded GoodThink, Inc. After college and divinity school, he worked as a freshman proctor and teaching assistant at the Harvard University. He co-founded The Institute for Applied Positive Research with his wife. He presented at TEDx, and his talk is listed as one of TED’s 25 most popular with more than 20 million views online. Also, he co-authored Ripple’s Effect with his sister to bring positive psychology concepts to children. EliteColumn brings you most inspirational Shawn Achor quotes.

38 Inspirational Shawn Achor Quotes

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1. “Habits are like financial capital – forming one today is an investment that will automatically give out returns for years to come.” – Shawn Achor

2. “If all you strive for is diminishing the bad, you’ll only attain the average and you’ll miss out entirely on the opportunity to exceed the average” – Shawn Achor

3. “Happiness asks us to be realistic about the present while maximizing our potential for the future.” – Shawn Achor

4. “Happiness is about learning how to cultivate the mindset and behaviors that have been empirically proven to fuel greater success and fulfillment.” – Shawn Achor

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5. “Happiness is not the belief that we don’t need to change; it’s the realization that we can.” – Shawn Achor

6. “Happiness is not just a mood it’s a work ethic” – Shawn Achor 

7. “You do not have to be your genes, your childhood, your environment. We can choose how our brain looks at the world.” – Shawn Achor 

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8. “Each one of us is like that butterfly, the Butterfly Effect. And each tiny move toward a more positive mindset can send ripples of positivity through our organizations, our families and our communities.” – Shawn Achor

9. “Happiness is not all about yellow smiley faces and rainbows. For me, happiness is the joy we feel striving after our potential.” – Shawn Achor

10. “Happiness precedes important outcomes and indicators of thriving. The wealth of data found that happiness causes success and achievement, not the opposite.” – Shawn Achor 

11. “Even the smallest shots of positivity can give someone a serious competitive edge.” – Shawn Achor

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12. “The best leaders are the ones who show their true colors not during the banner years but during times of struggle.” – Shawn Achor

13. “Research shows that regular meditation can permanently rewire the brain to raise levels of happiness, lower stress, even improve immune function.” – Shawn Achor

14. “So how do the scientists define happiness? Essentially, as the experience of positive emotions  pleasure combined with deeper feelings of meaning and purpose.” – Shawn Achor

15. “Happiness implies a positive mood in the present and a positive outlook for the future.” – Shawn Achor

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16. “Constantly scanning the world for the negative comes with a great cost. It undercuts our creativity, raises our stress levels, and lowers our motivation and ability to accomplish goals.” – Shawn Achor

17. “Positive emotions help us organize new information, keep that information in the brain longer, and retrieve it faster later on.” – Shawn Achor

18. “Money can buy happiness, but only if used to do things as opposed to simply have things.” – Shawn Achor

19. “The fastest way to disengage an employee is to tell him his work is meaningful only because of the paycheck.” – Shawn Achor

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20. “If we study merely what is average, we will remain merely average.” – Shawn Achor

21. “Beliefs are so powerful because they dictate our efforts and actions.” – Shawn Achor

22. “The mental construction of our daily activities, more than the activity itself, defines our reality.” – Shawn Achor

23. “According to the Roman poet Ovid, the sculptor Pygmalion could look at a piece of marble and see the sculpture trapped inside of it.” – Shawn Achor

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24. “Without action, knowledge is often meaningless. As Aristotle put it, to be excellent we cannot simply think or feel excellent, we must act excellently.” – Shawn Achor

25. “The Pygmalion Effect is when our belief in another person’s potential brings that potential to life.” – Shawn Achor 

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26. “When we encounter an unexpected challenge of threat the only way to save ourselves is to hold on tight to the people around us and not let go.” – Shawn Achor

27. “It’s hard to find happiness after success if the goalposts of success keep changing.” – Shawn Achor

28. “Successful people see adversity as a stepping stone rather than a stumbling block.” – Shawn Achor

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29. “Perhaps the most accurate term for happiness, then, is the one Aristotle used: Eudaimonia, which translates not directly to “happiness” but to “human flourishing.” – Shawn Achor

30. “You can study gravity forever without ever knowing how to fly.” – Shawn Achor

31. “Simply believing we can fly won’t set us aloft. Yet if we don’t believe, we have no chance of ever making it off the ground.” – Shawn Achor

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32. “When we are happy – when our mindset and mood are positive – we are smarter, more motivated, and thus more successful. Happiness is the center, and success revolves around it.” – Shawn Achor

33. “You have to train your brain to be positive just like you work out your body.” – Shawn Achor

34. “The greatest competitive advantage in our modern economy is a positive and engaged brain.” – Shawn Achor

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35. “The role happiness plays should be obvious – the more you pick up on the positive around you, the better you’ll feel – and we’ve already seen the advantages to performance that brings.” – Shawn Achor

36. “Your brain at positive is 31 percent more productive than your brain at negative, neutral, or stressed.” – Shawn Achor

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37. “When our brains constantly scan for and focus on the positive, we profit from three of the most important tools available to us: happiness, gratitude, and optimism.” – Shawn Achor

38. “Mindfulness is a key cornerstone of creating a positive mind.” Shawn Achor

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