Donald Trump is one rich, spoilt, arrogant, exceptionally snooty and extremely over confident politician the world has ever seen. He has been there and done that and on top of it, he is so unabashedly unapologetic about it. Such a misplaced attitude for the president of one of the super powers of the world. On other hand, it appears that his absolute self-assurance and sheer confidence has worked so well in his favor to win the US elections. In dozens of interviews he gave for his presidential campaign, he was hugely criticized for his racist, sexist and overtly derogatory remarks.

Now that most of the dust has settled down, one can do quick check on the remarks he made. And surprisingly, most of his quotes actually make sense – even if in some weird way. Some vehement feminists or moral police might disagree, but if you have a look at some of the observations Mr. Trump has made, you might be receptive to most of his thoughts. He is nakedly honest about what he thinks, even if it is coated in arrogance. Let’s look at some of his quotes.

Yes Mr. Trump. We knew it when you entered already.

Of course. The honest, arrogant and RICH man talking.

It makes so much sense. We believe him – no questions asked here.

He is as adamant off the field as he is on it !

AHEM !! Anything to say Ms Dutt, Ms Ghose ??


He probably means someone with the surname BLACK. Sirius Black ?

This is about Rosie O Donnell and can’t help but it makes sense. Sigh !!

This snobbish, bigheaded old show-off. We hate him for crooked honesty.

Why only your enemies, no one knows what to do with you !