Recently, your relationship has been filled with conflicts, and you feel that your woman has stopped listening to your opinions. Moreover, she has started allowing herself to a lot of things during the conversation, and you can no longer tolerate it. What do you do when that one woman of your life doesn’t respect you? It’s time to find out the reasons why she has lost her respect for you, and to heal the situation. There are numerous signs and below are the four most important reasons why your woman doesn’t respect you and that you need to change ASAP:

  1. You have become less confident.

Why Your Woman Doesn’t Respect You (3)

It does not matter how successful you are in your work and how people look at you. You must always be a leader for your woman. She will always observe how the society reacts to you, how they communicate with you at work, but personal communication is of a greater importance. Usually, the problem is not even about your appearance, but about the way of life. You have written yourself off, you consider yourself a loser. It’s natural that a woman will stop respecting a man who has lost all goals in life. If you will keep your image under control, and continue to work and develop, talk and think like a leader, you will be able to avoid such a problem.

  1. You do not dominate.

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Do you know what kind of marriages get shattered with a probability of 90%? Those in which a woman is a dominant partner and the husband dutifully follows her orders. Many families have a matriarchal system in which a woman takes over important functions of a man. When a woman doesn’t respect you, she begins to make the most important decisions, determines your movements, and delegates you some of her responsibilities that you assume meekly. In other words, you have become a henpecked man, whose life is controlled by the will of a woman. Of course, it is necessary to respect and appreciate your woman, listen to her, but at the same time, you should stay tough enough to stand up against her whims.

  1. You don’t have a purpose in life.

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A man without a goal is like a ship without a helm. It will sail until it takes the ground or crashes against the rocks. Having a goal in life is one of the best ways to keep your woman’s respect. When you have grandiose plans, and you work to put them into practice, then your woman will perceive you as a leader and will admire you. Many glorious men make the same mistake. Having achieved a certain position that allows them to pay bills and buy good food, they relax, lose their grip and stop moving in the chosen direction. You talk only about your unrealized ambitions, but, in fact, day after day, you make only a TV louder and complain about fate. When you give up training and development and turn into an amoeba with a narrow range of interests, then you can hardly keep the respect of your woman. Make plans for 5, 10, 20 years ahead, do not limit yourself at any age and do not stop dreaming.

  1. You cannot make her smile, laugh and enjoy life.

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Don’t reflect too much on, “My woman doesn’t respect me.” All married couples face challenges and troubles, and sometimes, it’s very easy to make a habit of getting irritated and quarreling about anything. Of course, there are serious moments in life when it is necessary to show a little bit of rigidity, but if your girl forgets to iron your favorite T-shirt, this is clearly not an excuse for yelling at her. Do not be a tyrant who yells at his woman at every opportunity. Do not insult her for every trifle even if she is to blame. Laugh the situation off, show that your woman is of paramount importance to you. Try to cheer her up as often as possible, give her small surprises, arrange unexpected dates, and compliment to make her smile. A happy woman is a guarantee of a strong relationship and a healthy psyche.