Since Vatsyayana’s Kamasutra from the 2nd century and Homer’s odyssey in the 8th century, a kiss has been considered as a basic expression of love and affection between two individuals. Whether a father kisses his daughter or a sister kiss her brother or lovers have their passionate and romantic kiss. A kiss on the hand, on the cheek or on the lips – it has featured in literature since the Old Testament. Yet in spite of its old and profound history, today, it seems people have yet not decoded the application, expression, emotion and approach behind this simple gesture. A close look at the questions about kissing posted in Quora – today’s best go to knowledge base for almost all the questions the humankind might have – one can see the sad irony about it. Right from the logic behind it, the first kiss, the feel, the reason, people seem to know nothing about it and want some desperate answers. Just have a look at the queries some of the amateurs have raised – we are sure you would be amused.

How To Kiss (1)1. Why don’t you try it out yourself mate ??How To Kiss (2)2. To check the body temperature of the other person may be !!How To Kiss (3)3. Probably he has kissed a donkey or his dog licked him.How To Kiss (4)4. First you get a good advice on social behavior.How To Kiss (5)5. Guess these people want to have all the knowledge before actually trying it themselves.How To Kiss (7)6. Your GF is cheating on you, don’t you get it Mr. Idiot ??How To Kiss (8)7. As if people are going to tell it on social media !! BAAHHow To Kiss (9)8. Just like the American girl’s first kiss or a French girl’s first kiss. WTF ???How To Kiss (10)9. ANTS ???? They probably mean AUNTS !! UGH !!!How To Kiss (11)10. Little doubtful – who can actually do it, rather than just expressing their views on Quora.How To Kiss (12)11. I don’t think this guy can retain his girlfriend for long !!How To Kiss (13)12. HAHAHAHA !! Is this posted by a 6 year old child ???How To Kiss (14)13. Probably both of them are homosexuals in a wrong relationship !!How To Kiss (16)14. This guy knows how to post a question on Quora but can’t just open YouTube and check for himself !!How To Kiss (17)15. You probably wont do it in future if you haven’t done it yet. What question !!!How To Kiss (18)16. Now this requires a study of complete one year !!How To Kiss (19)17. Same way you describe your 3rd, 4th and 5th kiss !!How To Kiss (20)18. What does this actually mean ?? Do Indian girls kiss differently ??How To Kiss (21)19. There is a remote possibility that half the population on this earth has kissed a girl. !!How To Kiss (23)20. Such curiosity !!!How To Kiss (24)21. Same time when the Americans have their first kiss or the French have their first kiss.How To Kiss (25)22. I am sure this girl kissed a frog which didn’t turn into a prince. !!! REGRET !! PAAH !!

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