Remember all those nights that you’ve spent staying up all night, consuming episodes and seasons of your favourite shows. Times when your loved ones almost disowned you because your obsession was getting simply too much. When the only thought that kept playing like a record in your head was “Just one more episode.”

This one is for all those beautiful phases of binge watching and show watching that we go through. When we find that one gem of a show that blows our mind and keeps us hooked on till the very end. So much that we wait for it through seasons (the real seasons). If you or your parents ever wondered if any of this doesn’t really make any difference to your life and was simply for entertainment purposes, then you are mistaken my friend.

Here is a list of all those life lessons that these shows have imparted upon us. Making us wiser, smarter and more mature.

On relationships and how there is always light at the end of the tunnel (or the year in this case)

Quora Character Lesson (1)

On Food and priorities in life

Quora Character Lesson (2)

On competition and the secret to a more successful and adventurous life.

Quora Character Lesson (3)

On friendships and the true value of those friends who stick around no matter what.

Quora Character Lesson (4)

On-unrequited love and how one must never give up in life. Frankly, you never know when the tables turn.

Quora Character Lesson (5)

On standing out and being true to your self. No matter how beautifully different or distinct you are, never leave yourself behind in a quest to be someone else.

Quora Character Lesson (6)

Some more on friendships.

Quora Character Lesson (7)

On the struggles and brutalities of life and how combat can actually help you get by.

Quora Character Lesson (8)

So go on, share your precious list with everybody around. Let them be enlightened.

Source Content: Vraj Patel