A strong woman is a powerful woman. The first thing that comes to your mind when you listen to the word ‘strong’ is ‘physically powerful’. However, there’s another definition that says ‘having or showing ability of achievement in a specified field’. According to EliteColumn, a strong woman should not slip in to any category or come under any particular definition and although these characteristics are admirable, I was disappointed that this may be the stereotype attached to the meaning of what makes a woman strong. Strong women come from all walks of life and come from many different backgrounds. The most common thread that we all share is that it is our story and our inner core which makes us all so very strong. Being a strong woman means asking for what you deserve, even though you’ll be called selfish and impatient. It means you’re not afraid to love ballet or makeup, even though you’ll be typecast as a “girly girl,” considered frail and weak for liking something society has deemed “feminine.” It means fighting for the right to exercise a basic freedom, while your male counterparts chastise you for it. It means choosing to have a child out of wedlock, even though you’re well aware people will think you’re “stuck” or “irresponsible” or doomed to be a single parent forever. EliteColumn brings you 9 powerful woman quotes from various personalities belonging to different fields.

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