Going by the recent reports, it might look like the Padmavati controversy has become bigger than the actual film itself. Every second person is commenting and expressing his or her own opinion on the subject. But all this hype and hoopla does not seem to be working in favor of the film as there is no sign of it getting released any time soon. This is not the first time that our country had to ban movies just because of its controversial content. India known for its multi lingual, multi ethnic and secular culture seems to be really getting intolerant with respect to its modern arts. More than restricting the freedom of expression, it’s the failure of the government machinery and security forces which are unable to control the disturbance in the law and order situation. If you can’t control it – ban it – seems like the norm of the day. And the genuine audience if suffering. Below is the list of 11 movies banned in India due to controversial content.

  1. Garam Hawa (1973)Movies Banned In India Garam Hava (1)Image Source

It depicted a Muslim family during the partition of India.

2. Aandhi (1975)Movies Banned In India Aandhi (1)Image Source

It was rumored to be based on the life of Indira Gandhi.

3. Bandit Queen (1994)Movies Banned In India Bandit Queen (1) Image Source

When Phoolan Devi – the subject of the film questioned its authenticity.

4. Kama Sutra: A tale of love (1996)Movies Banned In India Kama Sutra (1)Image Source

Obviously because of the explicit sexual content.

5. Fire (1996)Movies Banned In India Fire (1)Image Source

The story revolves around a lesbian relationship.

6. Paanch (2001)                                                                                                        Movies Banned In India Paanch (1)                                Image Source

For Glorifying sex, drugs and violence.

7. Black Friday (2005)Movies Banned In India Black Friday (1)    Image Source

It was based on the 1993 Bombay bombings, and the verdict of the court on the same case was yet not given.

8. Amu (2005)Movies Banned In India Amu (1)Image Source

It was based on the controversial subject of 1984 anti-Sikh riots.

9. Water (2005)Movies Banned In India Water (1)Image Source

It faced opposition from hardline Hindu organizations in Varanasi.

10. The girl with the dragon tattoo (2011)Movies Banned In India The Girl With a Dragon Tattoo (1) Image Source

For its adult scenes of rape and torture.

11. India’s daughter (2012)Movies Banned In India India's Daughter (1)Image Source

This television documentary about the 2012 Delhi gang rape was prevented from being broadcast due to perceived negative public sentiment.