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50 Best Morgan Freeman Quotes

1. “I am God. So it’s easy to play him. They say God is in all things. So if God is in me, then I am in God. Therefore, I am God. God does not exist without me.” – Morgan Freeman

Morgan Freeman Quotes (1)

2.“Challenge yourself, it’s the only path which leads to growth.” – Morgan Freeman

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3. “As you grow in this business, you learn how to do more with less.” – Morgan Freeman

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4. “I’m not intimidated by lead roles. I’m better in them. I don’t feel pressure. I feel released at times like that. That’s what I’m born to do.” – Morgan Freeman

5. “The accident was a horrible thing – but that horrible thing made Chris, at the end of his life, Superman. It’s a happy irony if there is such a thing. I’m proud to have known him.” – Morgan Freeman

6. “As long as you feel like a victim, you are one.” – Morgan Freeman

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7. “Once you’ve gotten the job, there’s nothing to it. If you’re an actor, you’re an actor. Doing it is not the hard part. The hard part is getting to do it.” – Morgan Freeman

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8. “People hear that and say I’m being modest. But I am not a modest person, but I have to be truthful about what I’m doing and what I’m doing is channeling.” – Morgan Freeman

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9. “Never let pride be your guiding principle. Let your accomplishments speak for you.” – Morgan Freeman

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10. “Don’t be different just for different’s sake. If you see it differently, function that way. Follow your own muse, always.” – Morgan Freeman

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11. “Fatigue, discomfort, discouragement are merely symptoms of effort.” – Morgan Freeman

12. “I once heard a wise man say there are no perfect men. Only perfect intentions.” – Morgan Freeman

13. “The trick to any profession is making it look easy.” – Morgan Freeman

14. “Don’t be afraid of what you want. This is your time. The barriers are down.” – Morgan Freeman

15. “All you have to do is believe, then you will see everything.” – Morgan Freeman

16. “If you want to see a miracle, be the miracle.” – Morgan Freeman

17. “Every man has his breaking point.” – Morgan Freeman

18. “The day I am afraid to do that is the day I am no longer it to lead.” – Morgan Freeman

19. “Rugby is a very rough game, almost as rough as politics.” – Morgan Freeman

20. “We humans are more concerned with having than with being.” – Morgan Freeman

21. “Discipline is not the enemy of enthusiasm!” – Morgan Freeman

22. “A single mom who’s working two jobs and still finds time to take her kid to soccer practice, that’s a miracle.” – Morgan Freeman

23. “The Lord said ‘do whatever you have to do’. And he didn’t say ‘Joe, be polite’.” – Morgan Freeman

24. “Apathy is the solution It’s easier to steal what you want than it is to earn it. It’s easier to beat a child than it is to raise it. Hell, love costs it takes effort and work.” – Morgan Freeman

25. “Forgiveness liberates the soul. It removes fear. That is why it is such a powerful weapon.” – Morgan Freeman

26. “Little beat big when little is smart. First with the head, then with the heart.” – Morgan Freeman

27. “Some people say the most important thing a fighter can have is heart. Show me a fighter who was nothing but heart and I’ll show you a man waiting for a beating.” – Morgan Freeman

28. “You criticize without understanding. You seek only to address your own personal feelings. That is selfish thinking, Zindzi. It does not serve the nation.” – Morgan Freeman

29. “When a magician waves his hand and says, ‘This is where the magic is happening,’ the real trick is happening somewhere else. Misdirection.” – Morgan Freeman

30. “I’m not one for blaspheming, but that one made me laugh.” – Morgan Freeman

31. “I gravitate towards gravitas.” – Morgan Freeman

32. “One of the things you can always depend on, this is one of the truths of the universe. And you heard it first from here, whatever we decide we want to do is what we do.” – Morgan Freeman

33. “Let me be the first to tell you, drinking alcohol is the worst thing to do in cold weather. Hot soup is the best because the process of digesting food helps to warm you up.” – Morgan Freeman

34. “I don’t want a Black History Month. Black history is American history.” – Morgan Freeman

35. “Dr. Martin Luther King is not a black hero. He is an American hero.” – Morgan Freeman

36. “People need to start to think about the messages that they send in the movies.” – Morgan Freeman

37. “How are we going to get rid of racism? Stop talking about it!” – Morgan Freeman

38. “Learning how to be still, to really be still and let life happen – that stillness becomes a radiance.” – Morgan Freeman

39. “How do we change the world? One random act of kindness at a time.” – Morgan Freeman

40. “When you have made your choice, it is providence that is your guide. Good, bad, or indifferent. Your fate lies in that.” – Morgan Freeman

41. “Attacking people with disabilities is the lowest display of power I can think of.” – Morgan Freeman

42. “In the harshest place on Earth,… love finds a way.” – Morgan Freeman

43. “The best way to confront, or deal with, technological innovation is to keep moving technologically.” – Morgan Freeman

44. “Literacy could be the ladder out of poverty.” – Morgan Freeman

45. “You measure yourself by the people who measure themselves by you.” – Morgan Freeman

46. “The highest power is the human mind. That’s where God came from and my belief in God is my belief in myself.” – Morgan Freeman

47. “If you live a life of make-believe, your life isn’t worth anything until you do something that does challenge your reality.” – Morgan Freeman

48. “If you dream you’ve got to dream that it’s going to happen. Remember that. If you dream, you have to imagine that it will actually happen.” – Morgan Freeman

49. “Finding joy is probably tantamount to finding yourself and being comfortable in your own skin.” – Morgan Freeman

50. “Stage is really hard work. You’ve got to do it every night. Not like doing it once and walking away.” – Morgan Freeman

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