50 Miss You Quotes That Will Remind Your Loved One

Miss You Quotes (4)

Check out 50 Miss You Quotes today.

50 Best Miss You Quotes

1. “How strange to dream of you even when I’m wide awake.” – David Jones

Miss You Quotes (1)

2. “They said, ‘write the longest sentence you know’, I wrote, ‘a life without you.’” – Cameron Lincoln

Miss You Quotes (2)

3. “Half of me is missing and the other half is missing you.” – Ranata Suzuki

Miss You Quotes (3)

4. “Not a day goes by that I don’t look at your picture and smile. Or cry. Or both.” – Dean Jackson

Miss You Quotes (4)

5. “We only part to meet again.” – John Gay

Miss You Quotes (5)

6. “The world is very quiet without you around.” – Lemony Snicket

Miss You Quotes (6)

7. “The pain of missing you, is a beautiful reminder, of the joy of loving you.” – Dean Jackson

Miss You Quotes (7)

8. “Every parting is a form of death, as every reunion is a type of heaven.” – Tryon Edwards

Miss You Quotes (8)

9. “In true love, the smallest distance is too great, and the greatest distance can be bridged.” – Hans Nouwens

Miss You Quotes (9)

10. “I think about you constantly whether it’s with my mind or my heart.” – Terri Guillemets

Miss You Quotes (10)

11. “Distance unites missing beats of two hearts in love.” – Munia Khan

12. “You left, and my heart is a ceaseless sermon of loneliness.” – Jaesse Tyler

13. “No distance of place, or lapse of time, can lessen the friendship of those who are thoroughly persuaded of each other’s worth.” – Robert Southey

14. “The eternal quest of the individual human being, is to shatter his loneliness.” – Norman Cousins

15. “Another day, another pang that you are far.” – Byron Caldwell Smith

16. “The scariest thing about distance is you don’t know whether they’ll miss you or forget about you.” – Jan Sardi

17. “My world is thinning and it’s all because of one person I’m missing.” – Sanober Khan

18. “I can’t close my eyes without seeing you in my dreams.” – Luke Bryan

19. “Absence from whom we love is worse than death and frustrates hope severer than despair.” – William Cowper

20. “I miss him in so many ways, but right now I miss him in the way you always miss someone when you’re single among a room full of couples.” – Emily Giffin

21. “Love reckons hours for months, and days for years, and every little absence is an age.” – John Dryden

22. “Ever absent, ever near; Still I see thee, still I hear; Yet I cannot reach thee, dear!” – Francis Kazinczy

23. “I miss you deeply, unfathomably, senselessly, terribly.” – Franz Kafka

24. “Trees quiet without the birds, my heart quiet without you.” – Terri Guillemets

25. “Missing you comes in waves and tonight I’m drowning.” – Chris Young

26. “Love is missing someone whenever you’re apart, but somehow feeling warm inside because you’re close in heart.” – Kay Knudsen

27. “Sometimes, only one person is missing, and the whole world seems depopulated.” – Alphonse de Lamartine

28. “When you are missing someone, times seems to move slower, and when I’m falling in love with someone, time seems to be moving faster.” – Taylor Swift

29. “Nothing makes a room feel emptier than wanting someone in it.” – Calla Quinn

30. “Your memory feels like home to me. So, whenever my mind wanders, it always finds it’s way back to you.” – Ranata Suzuki

31. “You know someone is very special to you when days just don’t seem right without them.” – John Cena

32. “No matter where you go you will always be in my heart.” – Anthony T. Hincks

33. “Missing someone is a part of loving. If you’re never apart, you’ll never really know how strong your love is.” – Gustave Flaubert

34. “If I had a single flower for every time I think about you, I could walk forever in my garden.” – Claudia Adrienne Grandi

35. “When we miss someone, often, what we really miss is the part of us that this someone awakens.” – Luigina Sgarro

36. “Your absence has gone through me like thread through a needle. Everything I do stitched with its color.” – W.S. Merwin

37. “The reason it hurts so much to separate is because our souls are connected.” – Nicholas Sparks

38. “The joy of meeting pays the pangs of absence; else who could bear it?” – Nicholas Rowe

39. “Missing someone enlightens how the person means to you and broadens the feelings shared.” – Unarine Ramaru

40. “I think of you with every waking moment of my life and dream of you with every dream that I have; I miss you.” – Kong Moua

41. “A true lover is someone who walks a million miles just to be with the one he loves no matter the obstacles in the way.” – Francis Ackah Blay

42. “I am summer yearning for a drop of your rain.” – Gemma Troy

43. “You’re everywhere except right here and it hurts.” – Rupi Kaur

44. “I miss you in ways that not even words can understand.” – Gemma Troy

45. “For when the cold winds blow, I will close my eyes calmly, knowing I am anchored to you.” – Tyler Knott Gregson

46. “It is lonely here and I miss your light.” – Ranata Suzuki

47. “In case you ever foolishly forget: I am never not thinking of you.” – Virginia Woolf

48. “My love is selfish. I cannot breathe without you.” – John Keats

49. “I don’t know what they are called, the spaces between seconds, but I think of you always in those intervals.” – Salvador Plascencia

50. “I love you past the moon and miss you beyond the stars.” – J.M. Storm

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