The idea of math movies sounds vague to many but not to those who love numbers. Doesn’t matter if solving equations is not your forte, you can still enjoy these unconventional movies that revolve around the lives of genius mathematicians. There will be many ‘eureka’ moments along with algebra and calculus. We guarantee you will enjoy all the beautiful, twisted number stories let alone the mathematics lovers. Take a peek at our list of mathematics movies and let your number games begin –

The winner of Academy Award, the movie shows the life of a mathematics genius Will Hunting who is able to crack every math problem yet finds it difficult to live a normal life. He finally seeks the help of a psychiatrist who saves him from perplexing emotional issues. Matt Damon and Ben Affleck do justice to their roles.

Russell Crowe plays as John Nash, a mathematics genius who struggles with schizophrenia all his life yet does ground-breaking research that finally gets him the Nobel Prize. Excellent screenplay!

The movie portrays delusions, paranoia, and obsession with numbers. Must watch if you like twisted plots and complex equations!

It has a female lead who is studying doctorate at Princeton. She also happens to be Albert Einstein’s niece. The romantic comedy is light at heart and heavy on numbers.

The movie is a mystery thriller that reveals itself slowly by unraveling the mind of a math genius who died. His daughter tries hard to cope up with it. A good deal of campus life is portrayed in the movie.

It is an interesting take on a math professor who makes millions at Blackjack using his skills. Maybe you learn a trick or two. A genius among math movies indeed!

Based on the novel The Siege of Trencher’s Farm, this psychological thriller is every bit gripping.

A high school math teacher struggles to control his class of erratic students. He does this by  distracting them and teaching calculus. In this true story, they make a record by cracking the California calculus test.

Walter’s obsession with the number ‘23’ turns into a pursuit of finding his existence. He finds himself struggling with the veiled reality. The movie is a must watch for Jim Carrey’s superb performance.

Four mathematicians, stranger to each other find themselves solving riddles. The film chronicles fear, suspicion and mystery amidst unexpected turn of events.

What if one gets to climb the top of the corporate ladder with a sharp intellect? All of it is done by a mere pill? Watch this movie and find out what Eddie is up to.

Oh! A mystery this one is! And that too a well spun! Seven strangers wake up one day in a massive cube which is designed as one big trap. The film shows how they manage to escape using their math skills.

Brad Pitt plays a baseball manager who uses an unconventional mathematical system to select his team. That finally leads them to victory.

A Cambridge mathematician joins British Intelligence agency to crack Nazi codes. He makes a breakthrough enigma machine to decipher them at last.

Mathematics genius Alan Turing cracks the enigma code of Nazis during World War II. His work with British authorities is a real life story with interesting twists.

A math wizard tries to understand the underlying trends of the stock market and a way to predict them. The movie involves banking, corruption and his struggle with numbers.

A biography based on the great Indian math genius named Srinivasa Ramanujan. The film traces events of his life starting from India to England. One of the latest math movies.

A legend among romantic math movies, it is a true story about a Nobel Prize winner genius. It shows the struggle of his wife with tuberculosis and his dwindling faith in science.

Rain Man is a comedy-drama involving a man’s struggle to get his wealth back from his autistic brother with great mathematical abilities. His frequent travels lead him to the path of self-discovery.