Go anywhere in this world, this extremely powerful global youth icon called Lady GaGa is capable to make the world pause and take notice of her. Not just her eccentric and outrageous outfits, but also her statements, her lifestyle and her music has always been subject of great curiosity, scrutiny, praise and criticism at the same time. Her debut album The Fame (2008) was a critical and commercial success that produced international chart-topping singles such as “Just Dance” and “Poker Face”. Gifted with a unique sense of music and an unconventional sense of fashion she has given one high after another since then.

Controversies seemed to have always followed her, because of her unusual and flashy style of dressing which has always attracted awe and critique at the same time. She was recently in the news for making statement against Donald Trump’s immigration policies. She faced the biggest backlash of her life when she attended MTV Music awards in 2010 wearing a Franc Fernandez-designed outfit comprising the flesh of dead animals.

Yet, in spite of those controversies, she is a fighter and never ceases to surprise her fans. Below are some of the facts of Lady Ga Ga’s life which are not that commonly known.