Delicious smell of her buttery pancakes and eggs for breakfast wakes the whole household. Awake before anyone else filling our lunch boxes with parathas and chicken gravy, and rushing to the streets that she doesn’t miss the best pick from the local fisherman. “She” can be a gentle mother, beloved wife, or a lovely sister. Almonds and lemon on the shelf, silver spoons and fried bacon on the table are signs that there is a woman inside the house, BUT!! Do we have a little time to ponder over these souls who is behind all these chores of works?

Sadly it is always her soft skin that gets slashed deep inside. Her legs get spread apart and she’s left abandoned, destroyed, hurt and is sold to a man’s uncontrolled desire!! And the world has given a sick name for her cry as “Rape” and a baggage named “Rape victim”. The truth remains bitter that no one remembers how many parathas she made or how many times she stroke our forehead with love.

As another Women’s day pass by, we thought of knitting together fables of the writer Krishan Pandey that can make pores of silence over reader’s as the writer’s expression melts down at the avalanche of a women’s life half filled with her sacrifices and silent pain. Take a glance over these 13 heart pinching fables Krishan Pandey puts forth as an eye opener for our society.