26 JP Morgan Quotes That Will Motivate You

JP Morgan Quotes (15)

John Pierpont Morgan Sr. or more famously known as the legendary JP Morgan was the great American financer and banker of the early 20th century. He is credited to single handedly revolutionize the American banking sector with his acute sense of risk analysis and experimentation. His continuous hard work and insistence on modernization helped transform numerous American businesses. JP Morgan quotes will help you think like a rich man. Here are some of the best JP Morganquotes which are still inspirational for their pure simplicity and in-depth wisdom.

26 Motivational JP Morgan Quotes

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  1. “If you have to ask, how much it costs, you cannot afford it.” – JP Morgan

2. “It was not really a question of price. It was a question of success.” – J P Morgan

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3. “A man always has two reasons for doing anything. A good reason and the real reason.” – JP Morgan

4. “Go as far as you can see; when you get there, you’ll be able to see farther.” – J P Morgan

JP Morgan Quotes (15)

5. “The first step towards getting somewhere is to decide that you are not going to stay where you are.” – JP Morgan“

6. “I feel bound in honour when I reorganise a property and am morally responsible for its management, to protect it – and I generally do protect it.” –  J P Morgan

7. “If you want time to pass quickly, just give a banker your note for 90 days.” – J P Morgan

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8. “No problem can be solved unless it is reduced to some simple form.” – JP Morgan

9. “Any man who has to worry about the annual upkeep of his yacht can’t afford to own one.” – J P Morgan

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10. “You cannot pick cherries with your back to the tree.” – JP Morgan

11. “You are rich when you can buy what you want.” – J P Morgan

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12. “Nothing so undermines your financial judgement as the sight of your neighbor getting rich.” – JP Morgan

13. “The first thing is character… Money cannot buy it.” – J P Morgan

14. “The ability to obtain credit is largely a matter of personality.” – J P Morgan

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15. “My first guess is sometimes right. My second never is.” – JP Morgan

16. “If it is good business for the interests of the country to do it, I do it.” – J P Morgan

17. “You can’t unscramble eggs.”-  J P Morgan

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18. “When I have business on hand I think it is better to have it done quickly.” – JP Morgan

19. “No price is too great for a work of unquestioned beauty and known authenticity.” – J P Morgan

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20. “When a man abuses his power, he loses it.” – JP Morgan

21.“Well, I don’t know as I want a lawyer to tell me what I cannot do. I hire him to tell how to do what I want to do.” – J P Morgan

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22. “Gold is money. Everything else is credit.” – JP Morgan

23. “Millionaires don’t use Astrology, billionaires do.“ – J P Morgan

24. “Remember, my son, that any man who is a bear on the future of this country will go broke.“ – J P Morgan

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25. “When you expect things to happen – strangely enough – they do happen.” – JP Morgan

26. “Money equals business which equals power, all of which come from character and trust.” – J  P Morgan

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