According to the ancient Indian scriptures, Vedas and Upanishads, the soul of a person is eternal. It has to pass through innumerable cycles of births and deaths to mature and finally become one with the creator – the Parmatma. But while going through these cycles of life and death, it has to accomplish a new task or experience a new aspect of the world every time it gets a life.

Science may not have found out a measurable proof to believe in this theory yet, but recent experiments and studies in neurology and near death experiences are extremely startling where people have claimed to experience an altered state of consciousness. Many intelligent hypnotherapists and doctors like Raymond Moody, Brian Weiss, Eben Alexander have written some mind boggling books which claim that consciousness is independent of body it inhibits.

In one such book, the famous hypnotherapist Dr. Michael Newton has made some astonishing observations. While doing a regular hypnotherapy session with one of his clients, he accidentally regressed her to her past life. This incident opened an incredible vista through which Dr. Newton could find out details about the afterlife of a soul, the guides, the astral plains and the rebirth. He regressed around 3000 people into their past lives and also learned to put them in a highly advanced state of consciousness where his patients could recollect their life as a soul between two births.

With the help of the huge data he gathered about the afterlife, he could comprehend the basic route a soul takes towards growth and advancement during each of its life cycle. Shortly explained below is what we can call the several stages of a soul’s journey from the time it leaves the body till it takes a rebirth again.