John Christopher Depp II is recognized by his absolute alter personality – the famous Captain Jack Sparrow. Johnny Depp started his Hollywood career as early as the 1980’s before which he rose to prominence in the television series 21 Jump Street. His most successful movies have been the Pirates of the Caribbean and its sequels. Today he is considered as one of the biggest films stars of the world and he has also won a Golden Globe and Screen Actors Guild Award as a best actor. He has always been famous for playing larger than life characters in his movies and received critical acclaim from many reviewers and critics. Just like his Jack Sparrow Quotes, his real life quotes have also gained worldwide popularity over the years. He has spoken freely and fiercely about various sensitive topics and issues through his interviews. Johnny Depp quotes will inspire you to do better in life and below are some of the well-known Johnny Depp Quotes about life which can give you a huge dose of confidence.

11 Inspiring Johnny Depp Quotes

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One day the people that didn’t believe in you will tell everyone how they met you.

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Laugh as much as you breathe and love as long as you live.

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Success is the ability to go from failure to failure without losing the enthusiasm.

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I pretty much try to stay in constant state of confusion just because of the expression it leaves on my face.

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You can close your eyes to the things you don’t want to see but you cannot close your heart to the things you don’t want to feel.

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I think the thing to do is enjoy the ride while you are on it.

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People cry not because they are weak but because they have been strong for too long.

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Love is not blind. It simply enables one to see things others fail to see.

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If you love two people at the same time, choose the second. Because if you really loved the first, you wouldn’t have fallen for the second.

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It is only a bad day, not a bad life.

Johnny Depp Quotes (11)

Just keep moving forward and don’t give a sh*t about what anybody thinks. Do what you have to do for you.

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