The history of Tamil Nadu politics cannot be written without the one illustrious yet equally controversial name of “Amma” Jayalalitha Jayaram. This was the only iron lady of the era who stood strongly against the extremely orthodox, masochistic and complicated atmosphere of the biggest south Indian state. From being a film actress to the being the chief minister, her journey has been fascinating yet poignant at the same time. She faced immense upheavals throughout her life, yet her persona and determination commanded unquestionable devotion when ministers publicly prostrated before her.

After her death on 5th December 2016, Tamil Nadu politics seems to have fallen down like a pack of cards. This completely demonstrates the level of stronghold, loyalty Jayalalitha exercised during her reign and 24th February marks her 69th birth anniversary, first after her death. On this occasion, EliteColumn brings to you some of the most interesting facts of her life which were hitherto unknown.