Best known for his role in Game of Thrones as Khal Drogo and recently in DC’s Aquaman as the man himself, Jason Momoa is an American actor, producer, writer model and film director. He was born in Honolulu, Hawaii to a photographer dad and a painter mom. After high school, he began college in Iowa as a marine biology major, studying for a period in the Florida Keys. As a young man, he also travelled extensively, took up pastel painting in Paris, and studied Buddhist teachings in Tibet. International designer, Takeo Kikuchi had discovered Momoa in 1998 and since then, began his modelling career. He used to also work part-time at a surf shop before being cast in a TV series called Baywatch Hawaii that went on till 2001. He began a relationship with actress Lisa Bonet after mutual friends introduced them in 2005. Married in 2017, he became the stepfather to Zoë Kravitz though he had two children with Bonet previously. Jason Momoa quotes will certainly help you in your daily life and EliteColumn brings you the 5 toughest Jason Momoa quotes.

5 Inspirational Jason Momoa Quotes

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Everything has technique to it. So if there’s something you wanna try out, I think it’s always good to get a trainer or listen to people who know what they’re doing.

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I’m sure all the actors have trouble. The guy who always plays the funny guy, he wants to be taken seriously. And there’s the action guy who wants to do serious stuff. Everyone’s grass is greener.

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My kids are always like, ‘Why do people always want to take pictures with you?’ and I’m like, ‘Because I’m your Dada, and you’re my daughter. That’s why.’ It’s definitely mostly because of ‘Game of Thrones.’

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I think a man needs to be a man. To hold a woman the way she wants to be held. Just do whatever your woman wants, and you’ll be fine.

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When you’re just an actor, you do your role, and then you’re in your trailer. It’s not as hands-on as when you’re directing. You live and breathe it.

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