Twenty first century has made us slaves to electronic gadgets and instruments. From the time we wake up until we hit the bed, we are surrounded by miracles of modern technology which have made our lives easier and faster. Even though some of these minuscule wonders have significantly paved a way for an advanced social lifestyle, what they have invariably done is killed our privacy. Anywhere we go, we have ominous presence of security camera monitoring us and hidden cameras as well. Be it our own housing societies, offices, malls, theatres and what not. In the name our own safety, we are compromising on our right to privacy. This phenomenon is especially a big pain for young girls and women as they are target for people who want to satiate their own lascivious appetite.

In the recent years, people have come up with spy cameras which are hidden at places women are completely unaware of. If ignored, it can be a shocker to discover later the uses these cameras are put to. Considering the women’s safety and confidentiality, here are 12 such hidden cameras, they must know about and pay attention while wandering at public or unknown places.