We had the last of the Harry Potter book releasing way back in the year 2007 and the world thought that its an end of a childish obsession. How spectacularly wrong the world was. There is an entire generation of mad people (young and old alike) which has grown with the young green eyed wizard. Whatever time may pass from the release of the last movie/book, there are those countless and fiercely loyal Harry Potter aficionadas who would not let him slip from their memories.

Call it nostalgia or a strong longing to belong to the magical world of wizards, the Potter enthusiasts still keep that world alive and active through their actions, thoughts and emotions. Where ever one goes, it is extremely easy to spot a true Potter fan. In spite of mixing well with the common people, they have their own distinct characteristics and habits.

If you find any one of the below mentioned characteristics in any person, be sure that you have got a true blue Potter fanatic.

  1. They celebrate 31st of July.
  2.  Shout Lumos every time they put on the light.
  3. They believe that “Expecto Patronum” can destroy all the pains in life.
  4. Spend hours deciding the house of the person based on his/her habits.
  5. Get excited if they see an old metallic trunk.
  6. Owl is their favorite bird.
  7. Practice “Accio” with all their concentration just to avoid that effort to get up and get their stuff.  
  8. Don’t take interest in any sports tournament, because last time they did, Cedric died and Voldemort came back. 
  9. Get embarrassed when they realize that they asked for chocolate frog in a grocery shop.          
  10. Think any person with a surname “Patil” was related to Padma or Parvati.
  11. Actually check in the library if there is a book called Hogwarts – A history.
  12. Ask any tall and fat person if he knows Hagrid.
  13. Name their team/group/club as Dumbledore’s army.
  14. Having not read Harry Potter is reason enough to break any friendship.
  15. They wish “Imperio” actually worked sometimes!!
  16. Their greatest grief is that they can’t apparate.