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50 Best Gordon Ramsay Quotes

1. “So I’m not leaving until you laugh” – Gordon Ramsay

2. “This isn’t a pizza, this is a mistake. This is an Italian tragedy.” – Gordon Ramsay

3. “Every time I put a soufflé in the oven, I always pray.” – Gordon Ramsay

4. “You put so much ginger in this, it’s a Weasley.” – Gordon Ramsay

5. “Cooking a dish is fine cooking it under pressure is a completely different ballgame.” – Gordon Ramsay

6. “Cooking is about passion, so it may look slightly temperamental in a way that it’s too assertive to the naked eye.” – Gordon Ramsay

7. “Chefs are nutters. They’re all self-obsessed, delicate, dainty, insecure little souls and absolute psychopaths. Every last one of them.” – Gordon Ramsay

8. “Being a chef never seems like a job, it becomes a true passion.” – Gordon Ramsay

9. “Initially let your food do the talking. You’ll be surprised how far you go in a short period of time.” – Gordon Ramsay

10. “Best to start at the bottom & gradually climb up. It’s much more fun, too.” – Gordon Ramsay

11. “Focus on your customers and make that restaurant synonymous to where you are in terms of area.” – Gordon Ramsay

12. “I am well aware that a chef is only as good as his last meal.” – Gordon Ramsay

13. “I don’t like looking back. I’m always constantly looking forward. I’m not the one to sort of sit and cry over spilt milk. I’m too busy looking for the next cow.” – Gordon Ramsay

14. “Being a chef is the best job in the world.” – Gordon Ramsay

15. “Being assertive and somewhat really firm has to be backed up with being fair.” – Gordon Ramsay

16. “It’s quite weird knocking that out of them and telling them to forget cooking for chefs; forget what chefs say about your food.” – Gordon Ramsay

17. “If you want to become a great chef, you have to work with great chefs. And that’s exactly what I did.” – Gordon Ramsay

18. “I am a chef who happens to appear on the telly, that’s it.” – Gordon Ramsay

19. “There’s a bond among a kitchen staff, I think. You spend more time with your chef in the kitchen than you do with your own family.” – Gordon Ramsay

20. “I am the most unselfish chef in Britain today.” – Gordon Ramsay

21. “I don’t think it’s a good advert for any restaurant, a fat chef, and secondly, who wants to eat a dessert when the chef’s a fat pig.” – Gordon Ramsay

22. “I think pressure’s healthy, and very few can handle it.” – Gordon Ramsay

23. “Kitchens are hard environments and they form incredibly strong characters.” – Gordon Ramsay

24. “My father was a swim teacher. We used to swim before school, swim after school.” – Gordon Ramsay

25. “Push your limit to the absolute extreme.” – Gordon Ramsay

26. “Put your head down and work hard. Never wait for things to happen, make them happen for yourself through hard graft and not giving up.” – Gordon Ramsay

27. “Stopping the junk food and eating well is partially about cooking well and having the skills to do that.” – Gordon Ramsay

28. “They’ll be so shocked that you can count on them to keep quiet. Just make sure it’s not a huge football player that could beat you up.” – Gordon Ramsay

29. “I didn’t get depressed, I don’t get depressed.” – Gordon Ramsay

30. “You don’t come into cooking to get rich.” – Gordon Ramsay

31. “Swearing is industry language. For as long as we’re alive it’s not going to change. You’ve got to be boisterous to get results.” – Gordon Ramsay

32. “When you find a guy who is powerful, a big father figure, you latch onto him immediately.” – Gordon Ramsay

33. “I’m not critic-proof, and I still take it personally, but I take it less personally now.” – Gordon Ramsay

34. “I cook, I create, I’m incredibly excited by what I do, I’ve still got a lot to achieve.” – Gordon Ramsay

35. “They say cats have nine lives. I’ve had 12 already and I don’t know how many more I’ll have.” – Gordon Ramsay

36. “If I can give you one strong piece of advice, when you go away for that romantic weekend, whatever you do, do not accept or take the upgrade to the honeymoon suite.” – Gordon Ramsay

37. “We are about creating a new wave of talent. We are the Manchester United of kitchens now. Am I playing full-time in the kitchen? I am a player-coach.” – Gordon Ramsay

38. “I’m Gordon Ramsay, for goodness sake people know I’m volatile.” – Gordon Ramsay

39. “You know how arrogant the French are – extraordinary.” – Gordon Ramsay

40. “No one saw the recession coming.” – Gordon Ramsay

41. “I swim like a fish and I have an amazing kick.” – Gordon Ramsay

42. “I’ve had a lot of success I’ve had failures, so I learn from the failure.” – Gordon Ramsay

43. “The minute you start compromising for the sake of massaging somebody’s ego, that’s it, game over.” – Gordon Ramsay

44. “I suppose your security is your success and your key to success is your fine palate.” – Gordon Ramsay

45. “Cooking today is a young man’s game” – Gordon Ramsay

46. “Eating out doesn’t have to be a formula. Eating out is about having fun. I get really frustrated when it’s badly done.” – Gordon Ramsay

47. “For what we are about to eat, may the Lord make us truly not vomit.” – Gordon Ramsay

48. “You’re getting your knickers in a twist! Calm down!” – Gordon Ramsay

49. “This lamb is so undercooked, it’s following Mary to school!” – Gordon Ramsay

50. “This pizza is so disgusting, if you take it to Italy you’ll get arrested.” – Gordon Ramsay

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