There have been a great many storytellers, writer’s throughout the centuries who have chronicled the enchanting tales of Snow White and Rose Red, Jack’s relentless bravery to get back home down the beanstalk, Cinderella’s happily ever after, the magical world of Harry Potter, the vampiric love in Twilight, Peter Pan’s advice to always stay young at heart and the spooks of Goosebumps. Such influential works came from great minds we like to call writers.

Like cheese complements a burger, a writer is for the reader – their courtship is exactly like a writer’s emotion adheres to the reader’s soul. A book melts into your soul like a scoop of vanilla cheesecake on the tips your tastebuds – it just slithers down all the way to your heart!

Remember, you’re never too old to read. Once you get bitten by a book bug, there is no known antidote but it does leave you happily infected for the rest of your life munching one book after another! Here, we introduce 10 amazing quotes of one such writer, Dinesh Negi, who works along with a group of amateur writers to set pastels of emotions at a team called “A Writer’s View (AWV)”.