20 David Meltzer Quotes That Will Inspire You

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David Meltzer is the co-founder of a marketing agency named Sports 1 Marketing. He delivers constructive insight for thousands of businesses each year to help them focus on their company growth. David’s entrepreneurial and philanthropic spirit rewarded him recognition as one of Marshall Goldsmith’s Top 100 Business Coaches in the World, Chairman of the Unstoppable Foundation, and Variety Magazine’s Sports Humanitarian of the Year. David Meltzer quotes will better help to understand the meaning of life. EliteColumn lists out 20 hand-picked David Meltzer quotes.

20 Inspirational David Meltzer Quotes

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1. “Everything already exists. It’s our job to increase our awareness to access it.” – David Meltzer 

2. “One particle of light can overcome millions of particles of darkness, so be that light.” – David Meltzer

3. “I haven’t met a single successful person who hasn’t failed miserably.” – David MeltzerDavid Meltzer Quotes (7)4. “Be the exception. Be extraordinary. That is how to set yourself apart from the pack.” – David Meltzer

5. “Fear creates action, inspiration produces change.” – David Meltzer

6. “The essence of quitting is not the failure of a task, but the failure to believe in yourself.” – David Meltzer David Meltzer Quotes (6)7. “Living life on the extra mile and putting in extra effort will help you get where you want to go.” – David Meltzer

8. “Feed what you believe in and starve your doubts.” – David MeltzerDavid Meltzer Quotes (5)9. “What you resist will continue to persist in your life. The quicker you understand this, the faster you will get out of your own way.” – David Meltzer

10. “Focus on the potential of your day, not the problem of it.” – David Meltzer

11. “You can’t just sit around with a vision board and expect things to happen, you got to get up, get out, and get after it.” – David Meltzer

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David Meltzer Quotes (4)12. “Becoming who you aspire to be is a journey you’ll be repeatedly tempted to abandon, don’t do it.” – David Meltzer

13. “Anything that you are attracting into your life is based on the energy that you are putting out there.”  – David Meltzer

14. “Nobody ever accomplished anything extraordinary by doing what someone else wanted for them.”  – David MeltzerDavid Meltzer Quotes (3)15. “When you must be want you can be, everything will come in the right way at the perfect time. Just don’t quit.” – David Meltzer

16. “Always remember, you’re the only one who can make yourself feel bad. Appreciate the perspective of others, but don’t let it define you. Only YOU define you.” – David Meltzer

17. “You are the Chief Betterment Officer of your own life. Focus on how you can get 1% better every day.” – David MeltzerDavid Meltzer Quotes (2)18. “When you attach your happiness to an outcome based on time, that time will never come.” – David Meltzer

19. “Meditate each morning on what you want and be willing to put enough energy out in the universe to attract it.” – David Meltzer

20. “If you’re not failing, you’re not trying. You’re living in some comfort zone. You’re not expanding.” – David Meltzer

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