“Daddy”, the man who gave her the crown as his little princess.  The first man in her life, who chuckled along with her giggles, who wiped off her tears and picked her up during a fall, gifted her the biggest barbie doll from the store, helped her struggle with those old school socks, pinned her the brightest red ribbon for school, saved her the tastiest marshmallows and jellybeans in his pocket. Times when she writhed with sorrows which she could not handle, it is the voyage with her dad that gave her the critical essence to handle the needle tip of any circumstance. His sense of humour during plays, state of being acumen towards his responsibilities, and alacrity with family had imprinted deep inside her. Today as she turns back her thoughts wend back to have an icy chill with an auditory sigh about how this one man with his big moustache and a pocket full of her favourite jellybeans has changed her destiny and taught her to be the fierce lioness in every situation. Always her daddy used to make her whisper the quote “Throw me into a pack of wolves, I will come back leading them!”