Dandapani is a Hindu priest, entrepreneur and a former monk of 10 years. After graduating with an electrical engineering degree, he decided to renounce everything to become a monk under the guidance of Hindu spiritual leader Sivaya Subramuniyaswami. He then spent the next decade living a disciplined life and trained at his guru’s cloistered monastery in Hawaii. When his vows ‘expired’, he moved to New York, where he currently lives with his wife and daughter. His mission is to help people live a purposeful life and spread joy by empowering them with tools and teachings used by Hindu monks of his tradition for thousands of years. EliteColumn lists out 12 most significant Dandapani quotes.

12 Inspirational Dandapani Quotes

“What excuse do I have not to be kind? None at all.” – Dandapani

“Emotions are a powerful tool. Controlled and directed they can manifest amazing things. Uncontrolled they can wreak havoc on your life.” – Dandapani

“It is your choice to make your mind a heaven or hell to live in.” – Dandapani

“Friendships are not light switches that you flick on and off when it is convenient for you or when you need it to serve you.” – Dandapani

“Your subconscious can be your greatest barrier or your greatest ally. You must choose what you want it to be. Then work to mold it to be one of these.” – Dandapani

“We need to look at our mind, body and emotions as tools. We own them. They don’t own us.” – Dandapani

“The only person you have to be is yourself.” – Dandapani

“Things get more complicated as awareness goes further out into the conscious mind. Simplicity is part of the superconscious mind.” – Dandapani

“Treat energy the same way you treat money. It is a finite commodity that needs to be wisely invested.” – Dandapani

“So many people always want a piece of someone else’s pie but they don’t want to do any of the work it takes to create that pie.” – Dandapani

“Your desires, the focus of your energy, change as you mature, causing you to leave old desires and create new ones.” – Dandapani

“Taking responsibility for one’s own actions is the first step in understanding the law of karma.” – Dandapani

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