Bollywood and sarees go a long way. Since the time when Mumtaz danced on the floor to the tunes of  “Ohh hasina zulfo wali” to Deepika Padukone who sizzles in a saree on screen, sarees have been an intrinsic part of many of the unforgettable films and songs of the Hindi film industry. With times, the style, the colors, the jewelry – everything related to this traditional Indian wear has changed, yet, the saree is still considered as an extremely beautiful and sensual fashion clothing for women everywhere in the world. Even the British Prime Minister Teresa May agrees. Back home, many lovely leading ladies of Bollywood have adorned this attire. But there are a few actresses, who did wonders to it by adding a part of their own personality and elegance. So much so that, these women characters and their sarees have become iconic over the years and are considered as a benchmark in styling, novelty, beauty and grace. Have a look at some of the best heroines of Bollywood and their unforgettable “Saree” acts.

  1. Madhuri Dixit – Hum aapke hain koun

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So far the most attractive and famous saree of Bollywood. No one has yet been able to override the beautiful Madhuri and her iconic saree in “Didi tera dewar diwana”.

  1. Priyanka Chopra – Dostana

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Priyanka Chopra weaved magic in her Desi Girl act by giving the saree an amazing futuristic look. After Madhuri, this is the second most coveted saree in the Bollywood history.

  1. Aiswarya Rai – Devdas

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The opulence of the Devdas act is unmatchable even today and Aishwarya Rai and her sarees were absolute royalty.

  1. Vidya Balan Sarees – Paa

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Ohh my God are the only words which come out of your heart. The crisp and gorgeous cotton sarees, the aesthetically crafted blouses, the bindi and the hair made a perfect look – Strong, independent yet grounded to the Indian roots.

  1. Rekha – Ijaazat

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Just like the offbeat movie, Rekha played an offbeat role. Along with those bright sarees, she wore spectacles, had a red lipstick and the hair tied in a bun. The entire get up was amazing.

  1. Kajol – Kuch kuch hota hai

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From the jhalli, tomboyish Anjali to the sexy, sensuous Anjali – Kajol was refreshing in this wet pink saree. It’s a dream material for every Indian girl.

  1. Juhi Chawla – Teen deewarein

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This was a pleasant surprise. This was the only movie in which Juhi took the saree route for the entire movie. And that too playing a journalist. She was unforgettable.

  1. Sridevi – English Vinglish

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Sridevi in kate nahi katate ye din ye raat was a strong contender here. But we chose English Vinglish, because all those sarees in the foreign land were exquisite and Sridevi with her zero makeup and minimalistic jewelry took this act to an entirely new level. The last wedding scene and the red saree clad Sridevi looked divine – “Devi”.

  1. Urmila Matondkar – Satya

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No one could imagine Urmila in a saree. But she proved everyone wrong and looked ethereal in those simple cotton sarees when she sang “Geela geela pani”.

  1. Tabu – Virasat

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Everyone loved the gao ki sidhi sadhi ladki Tabu in Virasat. And the simple and haphazardly wrapped saree was really a pleasure to watch.

  1. Sushmita Sen – Main hoon naa

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Yes Yes. The violins and saxophones were all real. Thanks to this glamorous teacher clad in amazing chiffon sarees.

  1. Deepika Padukone – Yeh jawaani hai deewani

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After Priyanka Chopra, if someone is able to give a brilliant twist to the saree, it has to be Deepika. The “badtameez dil” saree went on to become the biggest craze of the year and girls are still wearing similar sarees in weddings and sangeet.