It happens every once in a while that love presents before us a fairytale. And so does marriage! There may be all kinds of love stories but not every one of them will end up in a relationship that will bind them together. But those who are lucky enough to find their better halves know the feeling. The feeling of suspended time, euphoria, single-mindedness and much more! You gravitate towards that person and somehow lose yourself. It is almost like committing suicide, isn’t it? A beautiful suicide, indeed! Have you felt this feeling before? Are you familiar with any story that started as usual meeting and ended up in long life love? Well, if the answer is no, do not despair. Let us give you a taste of such love from the diary of Tejasvi Mohta. She hails from Ahmedabad. They say one doesn’t need to study literature to write well. She observes, experiences and then pens it down in words. Tejasvi is passionate about photography and is a hobbyist writer. She strives to infuse life into photographs in her tiny tales. One such example is here –